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Moving Into the Future with Wunder Mobility

With traffic and pollution getting worse by the minute, doing our daily commute gets harder and harder. But never fear, Wunder Mobility is here. It was six years ago when two guys gambled into the mobility market and started one of the very first ride-hailing startups, WunderCar. But with the number of ride-sharing companies rising, Wunder Mobility redirected its course to carpooling.

Wunder MobilityThis has made the daily commute enjoyable as people rode together with their coworkers or with people working in the same area. Carpooling has helped control traffic, cleaned the air with the CO2 emission having fewer cars on the road, and opened up more parking spaces. Now, the Wunder team has expanded its horizons, offering different services for getting around.

Wunder Park

Speaking of parking, the Wunder team has also come up with a solution where you can utilize parking spaces. People can book in advance to save up a spot. Say goodbye to lines or going around in circles looking for one. It also monitors all the unused space and has it rented to others.

Wunder Rental

Another thing that sets Wunder Mobility from the rest is their self-service, keyless rental service. How is this possible, you ask? The customer would have direct access to the rented vehicle with the use of an app acting as a digital key. You may also use this app for paying and for future bookings.

Wunder Mobility

The plus side is that the Wunder team provides a virtual office that looks after all the accounts, finances, bookings, payments, customer management, and other essential reports. This saves the company overhead expenses of having their own physical office.

Wunder City

Since the ultimate goal is to reach as many cities as possible, people need to keep up with the rapid changes urban mobility brings. The Wunder team came up with Wunder City, an app that provides a thorough outline of both new and existing mobility services.

This would help them see what works and what needs to be improved. It helps in having smart and efficient management of the mobility companies.

Wunder Mobility

“Because we share”

Having this mantra in mind, the Wunder team has made the company grow by having Wunder Vehicles and Wunder Fleet, making them an all-in-one mobility solution provider. They provide a management system and durable ready-to-share electronic vehicles that can be customized according to their client’s brand. Indeed, Wunder Mobility provides an all-inclusive package for starting or upgrading your own vehicle sharing company.

Now operating in 6 continents and over 70 cities, Wunder Mobility has been empowering cities across the globe and has been helping with the economic recovery and advancement of mobility technology. It won’t be a surprise to see this company grow into the top mobility provider in the world soon.

Photo source: The photos used are owned by Wunder Mobility and have been provided for press usage.

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