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Microsoft to Acquire Top Virtual Keyboard SwiftKey

MICROSOFT CORP. LOGOSwiftKey is a very important piece of technology because it offers software keyboards for both iOS and Android users out there, and it has more than 300 million users, so there’s a huge market for them. Microsoft has seen the importance that SwiftKey and their technology has, and this has led to them making an offer to this company, and it seems that in a short period of time the sale will be closed which is actually more than impressive to be honest.

For an app that’s not very old, this is quite an achievement and rest assured that SwiftKey by TouchType Ltd is indeed going to have a wide range of better results now that it will be acquired by Microsoft.

Microsoft seems to have big plans for the software keyboard because they want to further develop it all while exploring new scenarios that will offer the integration of this technology into some new things. It’s definitely a very exciting experience to be had for those that love software keyboard.


I for one think that Microsoft wants to integrate SwiftKey into their OS and that would definitely be a very good thing. It will make the entire approach a lot more appealing and at the end of the day that would definitely be a major plus for Microsoft’s OS. I particular see an interest in here for Windows Phone 10 which will definitely receive some new updates in the near future.

Since Microsoft is known for purchasing quite some important stuff all the time, such as Minecraft for example a year or so ago, it’s pretty clear for me that the Redmond giant thinks about the future. There might be a plan but according to Microsoft they will integrate it with the Word Flow technology for Windows. It’s surely something that’s under work for quite some time, and the fact that they acquired SwiftKey gives them complete freedom and incredible results in the long run. It’s amazing how good this app can be and the fact that Microsoft acquired it clearly shows that creativity and intelligence in the mobile world can really pay off even if you don’t have a massive budget to begin with.

The cool idea about SwiftKey is the fact that despite integrating it in Windows, they won’t lose their focus on the current platforms as well, so SwiftKey will still be found on other platforms too, which is always a major plus. Remember that we will be able to learn more about this really soon, but even for the time being I am pretty excited to learn that Microsoft has purchased them, as this will give SwiftKey to expand to more languages and offer better features. It’s a win for everyone!

YouTube: Introducing SwiftKey Keyboard for iPhone & iPad, featuring Stephen Fry

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Source: Microsoft Blog

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