Checking out the Microsoft Surface Pro 4


Microsoft Surface is, at least for me, some of the best 2 in 1 gadgets on the market so when the new Microsoft Surface Pro 4 was launched, I just had to get it and take it for a spin. As far as I can see from my tests, it seems that not only performs better, but it also has some neat changes that make it better than the predecessor does.


The design is pretty much the same, there’s not that much to say here. However, the stylus is a nice addition and while it’s not new, it does integrate seamlessly with the tablet. It might seem weird to have a laptop like this with a stylus attached, but it does help the experience to be honest.

The dimensions are pretty much the same, however the screen is now sharper and larger which is a great technological achievement.


Having 12.3” is a solid increase and it does help a little bit. The footprint remains pretty much the same and the processor is quite good as well. I am a little disappointed by the configurations you can get considering that the low entry model has an M3, because that’s not a processor suitable for the raw power people expect from this device. On the other hand, the resolution of 2160×1440 offers an insane value and it does help with any tasks that you might want to perform.

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Group

Luminosity is also better with the Microsoft Surface Pro 4, albeit you won’t feel that much. However you can easily see that the fullscreen performance has improved quite a lot now and just about everything including games seem to run smoothly and without any notable issues.

The smart cover is better than ever and the capabilities integrated in Windows 10 have really managed to make Microsoft Surface Pro 4 a clear winner for quality laptop/tablet combinations.

Specs are ok for me, the 256 GB SSD storage is good and while the graphics chip is not the best, it does its job quite well. The device doesn’t have a better battery when compared to the previous model and for me this come as a disappointment. It won’t mean that it’s not a good device, but it does show that you can be a little disappointed with the end results when everything is said and done.

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Front and Rear

However, I have to say that the cameras are good and they do feature auto focus as well as a slight stability feature that works amazingly well. It’s also important to note that you have quite a lot of connectivity which ranges from Wifi to Bluetooth and so on.


While there are some pros and cons with this device, there’s no denying that the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 is still one of the best laptop/tablet combinations out there. It’s a lot better than the iPad Pro at least for me and it does integrate a wide range of great, interesting features. It’s a solid purchase and while some of the accessories or even the device itself can be expensive, the experience you get is worth the price!

YouTube: The New Microsoft Surface Pro 4

Photo credit: Microsoft

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