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Microsoft Office Delve for Semantic Information

MICROSOFT CORP. LOGOWe all know that while the web is filled with lots of information, most of the time this info is very hard to access because you don’t know anything about it. This is something that Microsoft wanted to address and that’s exactly how the Office Delve application, the newest member of the Office 365 family.

What Is Office Delve and How Can It Help

Right from the start you will see that Office Delve is a great new way to perform search and discovery in the online world. Finding the right content is very hard and because of that you will waste a lot of time to do it. This is why you need a good tool, and with Office Delve you will have the opportunity to extract all the data included in the information silos and have it presented in a natural, professional and reliable way that you will have the opportunity to enjoy right from the start.

Personalized for You

What Office Delve does is that it works closely with the Office Graph in order to find out your usage patterns, the stuff you like to use and so on, all in order to bring you the best results. The Office Graph brings in all the information that you work with each day, and all the documents that you have to read, and it processes them with the help of some sophisticated machine learning techniques so that you can access all the most relevant ones immediately.

A Variety of Content Types

Microsoft-Office-Delve-People-Network-Semantic-Information-Data-Smartphone-AppWith Office Delve you will always be able to access any type of content. While normal search and discovery tools focus only on documents and text, Office Delve goes beyond that as it provides access to videos, music, web pages or any other type of media content that you will appreciate right from the start.

Find Content You Saw Before

After working with Office Delve for a little bit I was impressed that they use the Office Graph algorithm in order to access the content that you saw before. It can be easy to lose a link or document, but not with this tool, and that’s what I particularly liked about it right from the start.

Browsing Experience

Sure, there are many which still don’t like the Office Delve interface because it focuses mostly on Windows 8 and the touch experience that it provides, but I still think that it does a great job and it does bring in a lot of potential, especially on the consoles. No matter if you are in a meeting or just want to relax seeing the items in your network, Office Delve does a great job when it comes to showing the content which matters to you.

Overall, after using Office Delve for a little bit, I was impressed by the capabilities that it offers, as it helps with productivity, networking and it just makes the whole experience a more professional, cohesive one. I encourage you to give it a try, you will like the great results that it offers and the experience is also top quality.

YouTube: Introducing Office Delve

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