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Microsoft Edge With IE Mode Retires IE11

It’s an end of an era as Microsoft retires Internet Explorer 11, the browser that has grown since the start of the internet’s boom. By August this year, all the Microsoft 365 apps and services will stop supporting IE11 on Windows 10. Instead, the new Microsoft Edge replaces IE11, along with Microsoft Edge legacy, with a mode that lets customers use Edge with an IE mode, offering an overall more secure and modern web experience.

The browser isn’t totally new as this has been introduced a few years back via the legacy version. For those who are unfamiliar with it, Microsoft Edge is an internet browsing package that contains Chromium and the IE mode. While you can view modern sites with Chromium, the legacy sites, IE-based websites, and apps can be viewed using their IE mode.

Transitioning into the new Edge

Last February, they’ve announced their move on sunsetting the IE11 and Microsoft Edge Legacy browsers, “working on the new Microsoft Edge, listening to our customers’ needs for world-class compatibility (including legacy app support), security, privacy, easy and unified manageability, and productivity.” Following through to that promise of working towards the needs of their users, they announced this May that they have taken a bold step in enabling their customers with a dual-engine advantage that offers compatibility for apps that work in IE and legacy.

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Since then, Microsoft has provided the Enterprise Site Discovery guide to determine sites that are compatible with IE11 and legacy. Organizations that have legacy apps and sites dependent on IE11 can use the Getting Started Guide to configure their IE mode as well. The Internet Explorer Retirement Adoption Kit also has built-in content to help notify people as they move to Microsoft Edge.

Apart from that, Microsoft ensured that the browser also provides a more stringent defense against malware and phishing on Windows 10, a problem that has plagued IE for years. Microsoft has also made an App Assure promise to ensure that IE, Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge Legacy apps will work seamlessly with the new Microsoft Edge browser.

By retaining the best of the past with the 90s browser, Microsoft also wants to adhere to the modern needs of its user. The company further stated that “The new Microsoft Edge is our best expression of a modern browser—we’re excited for customers to experience it.”

YouTube: Microsoft Edge | Internet Explorer Retirement Announcement

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Source: Eric Van Aelstyn (Microsoft Tech Community) /  Zack Whittaker (TechCrunch)

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