A Windows Wearable? Check out the Microsoft Band!


MICROSOFT CORP. LOGOIf you like to stay fit, then you most likely have or at least had a wearable device that allows you to track your physical activity the best way you can. This is exactly what Microsoft Band tries to being, but the interesting thing about this new device is definitely the fact that it’s the first one of its kind, especially when you think that it’s coming from Microsoft, which is mostly focused on desktop or mobile devices.

Microsoft Band does come with a wide range of features which I kind of liked right from the start. It enables you to track the heart rate, how many steps you take per day and it also manages to help your monitor the sleep quality very easy. Not only that, but I am also impressed by the fact that this device brings in mail alerts and other cool stuff.

The device does come with a dedicated health app and while it might not be as flashy as the other apps created by Microsoft, it does manage to bring in a lot of information, presented in a professional manner.


What I personally like about this is surely the fact that you can set fitness goals and you can monitor how close you are to achieving them. Sure, these might not bring the results you want right from the start, but you always need to try and achieve them, then you will see how healthy you can actually become, only by wearing a simple wearable such as this one.

The guided workouts are, for me, a natural fit, because I do feel the need for someone or something to help me track the workouts I need to get the best results. Moreover, I just love the guided heart tracking that is just very useful and highly scalable. The package is also completed with a GPS run mapping, so you can see exactly how much you ran, and you can even check your favorites, something I think is really nice and useful.

“It’s got more features for its size than any rival yet, and it does a lot of things no other gadget can.”
– Yahoo

The Cortana integration, mail and alarm support are then icing on the cake for me, and I do like the way they are implemented, that’s a given. Of course, with Microsoft Band you do get the stellar messaging options that you would expect, notifications, incoming calls and other stuff. Also, Microsoft Band does bring in cross-compatibility with a wide range of devices, so that’s a plus as well.

When it comes to the price, I do think that Microsoft Band could be cheaper, but considering the features that it offers, $199.99 is still quite competitive and more than appealing! I can say that the Microsoft Band is well worth a shot if you want a wearable, especially if you work out or run often.

Introducing Microsoft Band, powered by Microsoft Health

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