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Michelin Partners with GM to Create Puncture-Free Tires

Have you ever experienced having punctured tires? It a hassle to handle this problem, especially when you don’t have a spare tire on hand. You can opt to have them patched up, but it can also be a bit pricey to do so.

To solve this, Michelin and General Motors created an airless tire concept that is planned to go into production by 2024. Their joined efforts gave birth to Michelin UPTIS (Unique Puncture-Proof Tire System), the new tire built on the company’s all-in-one tweel.

Michelin Uptis

Puncture-free design

The Michelin UPTIS prototype is mainly appealing due to its airless technology. This removes the possibility of flats and blowouts. This means that it also effectively reduces the number of punctured or defective tires that are discarded before the end of their life cycle in the long run.

However, the prototype is also interesting due to its make from a combination of synthetic rubber and fiberglass-embedded resin as it is 3D-printed. This allows the tires to work at high speeds. While it is not as visually appealing as traditional tires, it would be just as comfortable. Aside from that, the Michelin UPTIS is also the company’s contribution to reducing the use of raw materials and waste with its bio-sourced materials.

Michelin Uptis


As the Micheline UPTIS takes out the possibility of a tire blowout, this also gives more safety for travelers on the road. This also reduces the maintenance costs of vehicles, especially for private car owners. In the case that they wear out, a fresh coat of rubber can be added instead which is similarly done with large tires used on tractor-trailers and other heavy equipment.

Theoretically, the Michelin UPTIS can last a vehicle’s life, which is both environmentally-friendly and can help save on costs. There’s no price range for this yet, but this is expected to hit mass production in 2024, so watch out for that.

YouTube: Airless and Puncture-Proof Tires by Michelin and GM

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