Trade Fairs and trade shows are the unique events in which customers, business people and the media have an opportunity to engage in face-to-face discussions, evaluate and test new products and take a glimpse of the competition. A wise management often makes a calendar of important trade fairs and business conferences for each year, which will make every pre-planned arrangement possible. Among important details are the financial construction as every trade exhibition should present the best of what a company has to offer. Some of other important details are outlined in the following paragraphs.

IAVM Venue Connect 2012 - Ft Lauderdale, FL, USA

The Significance of Trade Fairs

The purpose of trade fairs is facilitate communication between businesses with the opportunity of meeting new businesspeople and evaluate the competition within a branch. On the other hand, businesses are already connected in a number of ways, primarily thanks to the Internet which has caused unprecedented changes in the way business people communicate. Still, trade fairs are irreplaceable for presenting new products and services. That is the reason why many successful companies are aware that it is more important to invest in people than in bells and whistles around the booth.


Points to Keep in Mind

A winning combination is the conjectured investment into people and technology. For example, by investing in developers to come up with an original software or an app that would be the property of your company with all rights reserved. In addition, attractive and eye-catching display stands at your booth will slow down the passers-by who will be able to catch-up with the latest developments in your business. Not to mention the importance of immaculately dressed staff that will interact with the visitors, giving the detailed information to interested visitors.


Make It Lively

Notwithstanding the value of the technological superiority and the human experience, it is also important that your company’s booth looks animated and alive. A booth frozen in time and space, with occasional tumbleweeds rolling along won’t attract neither potential customers nor business partners. It reflects the company’s image as conservative and unimaginative. A good way to make your booth crawling with visitors and happening is to organize contest, giveaways and live presentations.

IAVM Venue Connect 2012 - Ft Lauderdale, FL, USA

Get Your Booth a Face

An immense boost to your booth popularity is to invite a well-known face or a celebrity, someone who has a good reputation, or is popular within the local community or is an expert in certain field. For example, even a brief presentation by Steven Seagal at the Smith & Wesson booth on a major gun show in the USA will likely gather hordes of visitors. If visitors see something interesting that your booth has to offer, or a scheduled happening later in the day, they will spread the word around and invite other visitor.

No matter what option you choose, it is certain that all the decisions you make prior to a trade fair will ultimately affect the course of your business in the next season. The best advice is to step up aggressively, keep things simple and well organized.

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