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LinkedIn Launches New “Connected” App for iOS

One of the most important thing that any social media needs to do nowadays is to connect people with similar interests / history or which are in the same field of work. When it comes to a business social media, things can get a little harder though, since you need to provide a valid reason for adding someone as a friend or business partner on your account, because a wrong step can immediately ruin your reputation if you are not careful. Even if you have a few friends on the network, you need to make sure that you always keep in touch with them in order to get the best results!

screen322x572This is why LinkedIn has created the new Connected application for iOS. This app has been designed with the idea that every company should increase its opportunities to have stronger relationships with those on your network, and it provides with an easy to use, simple way to reach those persons whenever you feel the need, no matter where you are.

Keeping in touch with your current business partners is as important as creating new ones, and with this opportunity you will be able to nurture the current relationships. These will always lead to success and more, better results that will help you a lot in the long run.

With the help of this Connected application, you will receive updates from the persons that you already connect within your LinkedIn account, and you can stay in touch with them via those updates if you need such a thing.

The notifications you can receive through the Connected app vary from changes in job status to work anniversaries, birthdays and so on. These are important if you want to create a fruitful work relationship, because getting in touch during a special moment will show that you care, and this certainly creates a bond between your company and the one of your business partner.

Thanks to the Connected application, you can even try to focus exactly on those persons that are valuable for your business. You can receive updates from them, make a good impression but also start a conversation as well. All of these things are definitely crucial in this regard, since they help you a lot!

Within just a few minutes each day, you will have the opportunity to create a stronger, mutual and working business relationship, all from within the palm of your hand. We think that Connected is a great iOS application because thanks to it, people can get to expand their business network, while also keeping in touch with their business partners. It’s nice, easy to use, and the fact that you can access it on mobile makes it even better! We recommend you to give this app a shot, you can download it right now for free at the iTunes app store.

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