Levi’s and Google Are Working on Smart Wearable Fashion


With more and more tech appearing each day, finding out that there’s a Levi’s Commuter jacket with smart capabilities might not sound like much of a surprise. Honestly, the idea of smart jackets has been around for quite a while but it seems that Levi and Google wanted to put it to fruition in a very interesting and exciting format.

What makes the Levi’s Commuter jacket stand out is the fact that this is a fashionable item with tech integrated in it. This is basically suitable for the daily commuters but it works with other people as well and you are the one to choose if it suits your needs, how you can use it and the like. It’s all about having the ability to access phone functions via your jackets which is quite fun.

You just need to touch the cuffs on your jacket and with help from some gestures you will be able to choose what you can do. This particular jacket is set to be integrated into a new collection of clothing and it’s suitable mostly for the urban dwellers. It’s also created with a great se of security features in mind. With that type of jacket you won’t have to deal with any issues and in the end this can bring in an immense value.

Plus, the attention to detail is nothing short of impressive as the device has a great fabric and you can even charge the tech functions via USB. The tag embedded in the sleeve connects with the battery, woven sensor, LED and haptics in order to deliver a refined, easy to use and understandable experience that you do not want to miss.

Plus, they even added in a mobile app that enables you to connect the smart clothes to the cloud. That honestly is maybe one of the best ideas that I heard because the last thing we ever thought possible is to have clothing connected to the cloud. It’s indeed a thing of the future and one that actually looks good. With the app you can access maps, various Google functions and some cool third party services as well.

It seems that the Levi’s Commuter jacket will even have the ability to help you control your music how and when you want, offering complete control and value for the user in the end.

Creating such an interesting tech is not easy for sure, but in the end it’s easy to see why the Levi’s Commuter jacket can be an extraordinary piece of tech. They need to make it work and create a more attractive design, but there’s a real winner to be had here!

YouTube: Function meets fashion: Levi’s Commuter X Jacquard by Google

Photo credit: Levi’s
Source: Press release

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