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The Kingii Wearable Keeps You Afloat

There are many of us that love water but want to stay safe in case a wave strikes. Kingii Wearable is a new wearable created by Kingii that was designed with a single purpose, and that is to offer you the ultimate support in case you need help to stay afloat.

I have to say, this type of issue has happened to me in the past so being able to have a wearable that allows you to stay afloat regardless of the situation is a very interesting thing to experiment with.

The device is durable as far as I can see but the true benefit is that you can use it with ease. There are no specific restrictions when it comes to using the Kingii Wearable and the results you get are very good, which is what matters the most at the end of the day.

 Kingii Wearable is lightweight which means that carrying it around when you are at the beach is not that much of a problem. Also, even if you use it once, you just need to replace the cartridge with a new CO² one and you are good to go. The features are very interesting because this device is simple and using it is easy to understand.

You will see that the Kingii Wearable features an inflation bag, a pulling lever, a compass, wrist clast, a cartridge, bag pouch and a whistle for better visibility. This is one of those great investments that will always pay off and which will deliver a very good value all the time.

While they do recommend you to use a personal flotation device, Kingii Wearable did a very good job without it. I do stand by their recommendation and feel that such an added protection is always important!

Kingii Surfer Woman Holding Board Beach Swimming Safety Wearable Device Ring

Quality is very good here as the Kingii Wearable is designed from reliable materials that won’t break. That doesn’t make it expensive at all though, according to the site you can get one at roughly $90 and if you opt for packages you can even get a price reduction. This really helps you if you are a fan of swimming and sharing it with your family can be even more exciting.

I always felt that water safety is very important and that’s why being able to have such a device is amazing. I am certain that this device will save lives especially if you want to use it at sea or ocean where the sea currents can be very demanding. If you always wanted to stay safe when you go swimming, a wearable like the Kingii Wearable can be the best possible investment for you!

YouTube: Kingii – The New Standard in Water Safety

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