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Kinetic Step: Exoskeleton Shoes for Augmented Walking

The first ever exoskeleton project has the potential to open a world of opportunities for everyone. It’s called Kinetic Step and is the brainchild of a Russian military engineer, Andrey Guskov.

Walk longer distances with Kinetic Step

Let’s start from the beginning. Mr. Guskov has invented a biomechanical exoskeleton, which aims to provide an easy method of traveling based on the principle of physical pendulum movement. His goal while developing Kinetic Step was to give everyone a chance to walk as effortlessly and efficiently as are the movements of a wheel.

According to him, this way, individuals would be able to walk two to three times further than their usual walking distance, allowing them to live a fulfilling and active life. Besides, Kinetic Step will enable you to carry heavy baggage while walking longer distances consuming less energy.

Its creator wanted to help others who have various injuries or disabilities move more easily. Therefore his exoskeleton promises to remove joint stress during walking, useful in cases of knee joint injuries and diseases.

Among its most prominent features, this revolutionary product provides benefits such as increased efficiency through walking further using the same amount of energy; better health by giving the elderly, sick, and injured people a chance to live an active life and reducing the stress put on leg joints and the spine; all the while being environmentally friendly.

All these advantages have the potential to better someone’s life, allowing them to see more attractions, go hiking, and climb higher hills.

How does Kinetic Step work?

This is perhaps the most crucial question of them all. The design is based on pendulum mechanism interaction, which has already demonstrated numerous uses in medicine. It allows walking with relaxed legs, without the need for bending knees.

The design of the exoskeleton is rather small and lightweight. It fits US shoe sizes from 5 to 13 (EU 34 to 46). As for weight, it can carry up to 160 kg (353 lbs).

Kinetic Step is rather affordable, with a price of $760, available at Kinetic Step’s Indiegogo page. There’s also an incentive for buying the product in the first five days. Namely, its inventor has decided to throw in a numbered collectible item signed by him himself. While the Indiegogo campaign did not become very popular, the concept of this product is still interesting in various aspects.

Photo credit: All material shown are owned by Kinetic Step and Andrey Guskov.

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