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The internet protocol address is a numerical value of each device on the TCP/IP network. Actually, the networks are using the TCP/IP protocol route messages depend on the IP address of the destination. This IP address is a 32-bit number that identifies a host uniquely on the TCP/IP network.

The IP addresses and are the default private IP addresses that often used in some types of network routers such as Cisco brand routers. Usually, these network devices are often accessed through the in a web browser. Sometimes, this IP address is also called as the default gateway, which typically represents the local side of the router connection on the internet. However, both these IP addresses are commonly used in the business networks as well as in the homes.

Find the default IP address of your ADSL modem or router

Basically, the ADSL modem or router has the set of default IP addresses and passwords that include any one of the following,

  • 0.0.1- Ethernet port
  • 0.0.138- No default password
  • 0.0.2- USB port
  • 168.1.1- Default password
  • 168.1.254- Default password admin
  • 168.0.1- Default password for private
  • 168.2.1- Fixed default password

Usually, the default password for ADSL modem or router is necessary to find out, when you reset the device. At that time, the device has to be returned to the factory defaults, so it would lose all the device settings. So you do not perform a hard reset until and unless you have necessity and make sure to back up your settings before reset and then perform the configuration of your device again.

Primarily, there are two different types of methods available in order to reset the default ADSL modem factory defaults.

  1. Do hard reset or by pressing the RESET button

When your device modem is powered on, you want to directly press and hold the reset button on the front panel using a pin for 6 to 10 seconds. Once you release the reset button and wait for a few seconds until the device has to reboot automatically to its default factory settings.

  1. Router’s web-based utility by ADSL modem on management page

Commonly, you can use the factory default function, if you are on the management page. When it comes to ADSL modem router settings, you just go to management-> restore default page. Now, you check on the restore default settings and wait for a moment until the router has to reboot its factory default settings automatically.

In order to restore your default settings, you have to following the given steps below,

  • First go to maintenance -> SysRestart page. Now, you check on the factory default settings and press on the restart button and wait for the router to reboot its factory default settings.

Generally, reset the default ADSL modem and restore the default settings will take some amount of time and needs to complete the process carefully. Before resetting and restore the modem or router settings, there are some important factors to be considered that includes,

  • Make sure the router is powered on before you restart the router completely.
  • Basically, the default IP address is either 0.0.1 or and has to set the default login username and password as admin. Make sure to type this admin as in all lower case.
  • You should also ensure that the IP address of your computer is available in the same subnet on your device. This means that you computer has a default IP address of 192.168.1.X where X is in the range of 2 approximate 253 and its subnet mask is

What is the default IP address of ADSL modem and how to set up it?

The D-Link ADSL modems or routers have the default internet protocol address of and has a subnet of In order to access your ADSL mode, you need connect your system to the router device and then open your default web browser such as Internet Explorer or Firefox. Once you have opened the specific web browser, you just type the default IP address in the specific address bar. If you are not able to enter the login screen then you have to change the IP address. For making changes, you have to enter the new IP address instead of older one. In case, you can’t remember your IP address, the best thing is to reset your router and go back to factory default settings.

In order to set up your wireless connectivity, you just follow the below steps,

  • First, login to the wireless ADSL modem and set your default IP address as and type the default username and password as admin.
  • Now, you click on the wireless settings link in the main menu of your wireless modem router.

Finally, note the specific default SSID is Net gear.

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