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A Closer Insight in B2B Marketing Trends in 2016

Since the global business scene is changing at incredible speed, thousands of businesses throughout the world are being launched and closed down every single moment [source]. Such a large number of startups create millions of business possibilities on the global level. Also, there is a clear distinction between business to community (B2C) and business to business (B2B) marketers and tactics. The former are usually large players whose target audience are consumers, while the latter are usually startups that offer their services to those large companies. Here is a concise insight in the trends that are dominating the marketing niche in 2016.

Place in social media

Although the nature of social media is friendlier to B2C marketers, they still play an important role in establishing B2B business collaborations. For instance, the most obvious advantage of social media pages for B2B marketers is that they have access to precious data about numerous companies. That way they can offer them their services. Moreover, companies in need of marketing services, as well as any other business associates can find out a lot about their potential partners, too. The key feature behind proper business participation in social media is relevant and professionally designed content. And what is a better recommendation than a skillfully crafted promotional campaign for your own business. If you know how to present your services and land a client, you will also be able to do the same for your clients.

Most influential features

If you want to reach other companies and gain recognition in the online business community, you need to do your best to become unique and stand out from the crowd. The problem is that thousands of businesses are trying to do the same. Here a business is aiming at being spotted and engaged by a larger company. And large players will not give you a second chance, which is why you need to grasp their attention at once.


Therefore, what you need to do is insist on the content marketing areas that have proven to be successful in the B2B market. First of all, writing a killer case study is a good start. Here you can see some great examples of such studies. Secondly, creating short but engaging videos, as well as informative but concise infographics can give your business a better chance to be noticed by other businesses. Finally, if you excel at writing or have writing geniuses in your business team, launch a blog and present your work through that medium.

Direct business communication

Although direct communication with clients and other businesses is not a new business strategy, it is changing its form in the present context. Today the whole operation needs to be performed in a subtler way. For instance, if you work for a small marketing business and want to impress your boss, you should under no circumstances frighten the clients you are targeting. It means that you should wait with direct business proposals and first try to establish smooth communication with other businesses. Reaching them through e-mails, as well as via the already mentioned social media will provide the desired clients with enough information about your marketing expertise.

Bottom-up approach

If a small marketing startup wants to save time and use their resources in the most efficient way, the most practical strategy is to start from businesses similar to yours. No matter how many dream-come-true success stories about digital marketing you hear every day, the truth is that you will have to go extra miles and work your tail off to establish a successful marketing business. By cooperating with smaller businesses you will gain the necessary experience and also have a chance to play some smart moves and learn the tricks of the trade.

The field of online marketing offers a large number of business opportunities. What every marketer needs to establish a successful marketing business is an original idea, wrapped up in a creative marketing package. If another business recognizes your idea as a potentially lucrative concept, your hard work will yield positive results.

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