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IBM and JAMF Help Enterprises to Better Manage Apple Devices

ibm logo official high resolution png transparency City Medium typeface 1967 International Business Machines CorporationIn the past few years more and more businesses have started to migrate from Windows or Linux to Mac, trying to acquire a much better stability and higher quality results. The trend is interesting, considering the hardware investment, but the reality is that Apple is slowly but steadily taking over the market which is quite interesting to say the least.

The new offering provided by IBM is set to help all the companies bring in more Macs into their infrastructure and use them properly so that they can acquire the best results. The industry is shifting and being able to integrate Macs right now is a necessary thing to say the least. This is why it’s very important to note the launch of such an interesting support system, as this does wonders to the user base, that’s for sure. JAMF Software’s Casper Suite offers tools for fast setup, integration and usability

“Today’s announcement is a powerful testament to the growing demand for Apple technology in the enterprise and to the strong relationship between IBM and JAMF to help organizations inventory, deploy and secure their Apple devices,”…“This is a great opportunity for us to work with IBM in helping businesses and other large organizations succeed with Apple.”
– Dean Hager, CEO, JAMF Software

Many companies had an issue when it comes to the Mac adoption, and that’s why IBM created this program in the first place, allowing the employees to acquire much better performance and obtain a great speed while also taking full advantage of the lower security risks that come from using the platform.

The integration service is offered via the cloud, which is a much better and more interesting service to say the least. Cloud integration is surely a neat aspect here, we have to say, but maybe an interesting thing is that the new services also come with some great software. Yes, the new service includes the Casper Suite created by JAMF software which makes it very easy to setup the Macs for business use without that much of a hassle.


One thing is certain, with the imbue power of this embedded software, the IBM platform which now includes Macs is a great investment for any company. And since the demand for Apple technologies has grown a lot throughout the years, one can only imagine that the results will be impressive for those that integrate it into their business. A focus is also on mobile and more specifically on iOS, which does integrate seamlessly with the platform, we have to say.

Support management is also easier with the help of Macs right now, not to mention that software updates and configuration is simpler as well. This makes the entire process seamless, more reliable and surely one of a kind, you can rest assured of that. Thanks to the newly integrated Apple support, IBM has, once again, managed to become one of the most important suites of programs for the enterprise clients. It offers complete support for most of the operating systems, but at the same time it also integrates its services without a problem, something that makes choosing the platform well worth it.

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