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HyperX Cloud Chat and Cloud Stinger Officially Licensed As PS4 Gaming Headsets

Ready to take your Play Station 4 gaming experience one step beyond? Back in November 2019, Kingston Technology Company’s gaming division HyperX announced two new officially licensed gaming products for PS4. These were the HyperX Cloud Chat and HyperX Cloud Stinger gaming headsets.


The division has been known to deliver products with excellent comfort, performance, and reliability. Their products, while aesthetically pleasing, is reliable due to the quality of the material they use. Now, these new additions will add to the millions of gaming headsets they have delivered so far.

Performance and comfort

The HyperX Cloud Chat helps deliver a clear voice and chat audio, with a noise-canceling microphone that has a pop filter with its 40mm drivers. It has an in-line audio control to easily adjust volume while playing your favorite PS4 game.


It is very lightweight, and the single ear-cup that can be comfortably worn on any ear. Thanks to its reversible design, it will allow you to hear the game and your friends perfectly.

Meanwhile, the Cloud Stinger headset uses 50mm directional drivers to deliver the best quality sound. It has pinpoint audio and an onboard slider swivel with a noise-canceling microphone. Aside from that, the ear-cups can rotate 90 degrees for a more comfortable experience.


What we can expect

So what can we expect from these new HyperX PS4 headsets? Well, we can expect nothing less than excellent audio experiences. You can be sure to have complete comfort when wearing them and a very clear voice experience for your friends and audience.

These headsets have been made specifically for PS4 gamers to achieve an extraordinary gaming experience. It’s also great that the headsets include a limited two-year warranty with HyperX support.

Senior Manager Console Business at HyperX Andrew Ewing stated that Cloud Chat headset users will be able to enjoy their home theater experience and clear communication with friends. Meanwhile, Cloud Stinger users will experience unique audio and comfort with it, allowing them to give their best gaming performance.

The new PS4 licensed headsets are now available on the HyperX’s retailers and e-tail channels. You can find the HyperX Cloud Chat headset for $24.99 and the HyperX Cloud Stinger gaming headset for $49.99

Photo credits: The feature image has been taken by Anthony Brolin. All other images used are owned by HyperX and were provided for press usage.

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