Hydrogen Fuel Cells for your Smartphone


Having a smartphone is great because, with it, we can connect to the web, create videos/images and even organize our day. Unfortunately, this comes with a compromise in the form of battery life. The battery life for such a phone is very short, no matter how advanced the technologies included in the phone seem to be. Remaining without battery can be a serious problem, unfortunately, if you are in a remote location where no one can reach you.

Technology researchers in Japan have already come up with a solution for this problem in the form of a compact hydrogen fuel cell that is capable of recharging various types of electric devices, such as tablets, cell phones, and numerous others. The people at ROHM, a reputable electronic parts supplier, think that this solution is definitely a great one for those situations when you remain without batter, but you need to perform emergency calls. The fuel cells created at ROHM come in two different configurations, each one suitable for different circumstances. While the first one is a phone jacket, the other one works as a standalone USB device, which means that you can plug in any USB device and charge it.

These hydrogen fuel cells are very small, and their size is very appealing for anyone that plans on using them. The fuel cells can charge your phone in just under two hours, which makes it a viable solution for any type of situation. Once the fuel cell is depleted, though, it simply can’t be recharged, which means that you have to throw it away and buy a new one.

Are hydrogen fuel cells better than power banks?

While this might not be a permanent solution for charging your phone while on the run, it provides a great way to ensure that you have a backup plan in case your phone’s battery dies and you desperately need to call someone. The fuel cells work only for a single charge, but they last for 20 years, so you can basically use them at any given time you want.

The fuel cells function in a very interesting way, as they create hydrogen using a very small sheet of resin-solidified calcium compound. The result is combined with polymer electrolyte power generation. It’s important to know that the fuel cell does not create any harmful emissions, so they are perfectly safe to use. In addition to that, they can even be combined to create more power. Also, the single-use lifetime is compensated by the cartridge price of only a few cents.

The hydrogen fuel cells created by Rohm are a great technological achievement, and they can be really helpful. Inexpensive, yet high-tech these can be used in emergency situations when our phone/tablet battery dies, and we have to contact someone. While they might not be able to replace your charger, these fuel cells are a great step forward, so the fact that you can use them at any given time, whenever you want, is certainly very helpful.

YouTube: ‘Compact High-Power Hydrogen Fuel Cell’

Photo credit: DigInfo TV / ROHM

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