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How to Remove Your Photo Background Easily in Your Browser

We all love Adobe Photoshop for its endless opportunities to play around with our photos. However, firing it up takes time and sometimes, we just want a simple background removal. Fortunately, there’s a little tool called Remove that can help you with that.

What’s Remove?

Remove.bg was created by Kaleido. It’s an AI-based tool that separates a photo’s subject from the background. Currently, it only works on photos of people, but the creators are hoping to expand the tool’s scope of work. If, for instance, they manage to train the AI to remove the background from photos of products, that would definitely make life easier for many e-commerce retailers. Remove is free to use and works really quickly.

How to use Remove

Step 1: Upload your photo to Remove.bg. For best results, make sure that your image’s resolution is limited to 500×500 pixels, although the tool works on any resolution. You can upload a photo directly from your computer or from an URL (like your Facebook profile).

Step 2: Wait for 5 seconds and see the results!

Below is a screenshot of me uploading my TechAcute author photo onto Remove.

As you can see, the AI recognized my face and hair and separated them from the dark background. All I had to do was press the Upload button.

It’s that simple. There’s no need to select any layers, and there’s no Photoshop’s “magic wand” tool involved. The AI used separates the background from the subject automatically.

This free tool can be invaluable to any graphic designer, photographer or just someone who loves selfies. The creators are also working on an API and are looking for opportunities to test Remove’s integration capabilities. If you want the automated background removal solution integrated into your website or program, you can sign up here.

Photo credit: The feature image has been done by Ambar Simpang.
Source: Remove.bg / Kaleido / Taylor Hatmaker (TechCrunch)

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