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Goose Game: Being Naughty Was Never More Fun

Have you ever had an encounter with a goose? You know, one of those big, fat, stalker-like birds that, for some reason, enjoys your suffering and sorrow more than any other animal on the whole planet? Hm? Because if that’s so, then perhaps you’ll get your very own chance to delve into the sociopathic psyche of one of these animals very soon, and maybe get a grasp of what lurks inside their tiny, and yet devilish bird mind.
After the weird-fest that came along with Push Me Pull You, Australian developer House House has decided to take a new step into gaming unorthodoxy with an untitled goose game which, as you might have guessed, deals with the adventures of a goose – one naughty, horrible goose, that is.

Become that evil goose

The studio just released a pre-alpha gameplay video that showcases the basics of the upcoming game. It includes ruining the day of a random stranger, scheming, mischief, trespassing property and, of course, honking, all dutifully checked in a to-do list. That includes the organization of a picnic at the expense of a gardener’s patience, the only other shown character aside of our adorable, feathery friend.

The video shows once again House House’s talent with smooth graphics and movements. Same was already visible in their previous game, Push Me, Pull You, but unlike the disturbing imagery of this release, the Goose game exhibits a lush and artistic scenery that’s only contrasted by the black-humored nature of this title. Very few can be said about the gameplay and controls yet, but so far, and judging the fluid movements of the protagonist and the simplicity of its presentation, the chances are that this game will be dependent on non-complex functions, which will appeal quite a large fanbase, in my opinion.

What’s next?

So far, the only one thing we all know is that this game is slated for a release in 2018, although the developers haven’t released any concrete piece of confirmation about the date yet. And also, the intriguing title merely is “Goose,” but most sites have baptized referred to this game simply as a “Goose game,” for obvious reasons. However, one thing is for sure: this game has become, perhaps unwillingly, a highly expected game by several gaming magazines which fell in love with the premise, the graphics, the charm and, of course, the protagonist (antagonist?). Now if only could geese be as charming in real life. We can only hope. 😉
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YouTube: Untitled Goose Game by House House – Pre-Alpha Gameplay

Photo credit: House House

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