HomeTouch Raises Total of £1.3m in VC Investments


HomeTouch Logo UK Startup20-July, London – Global Founders Capital and Passion Capital chose to invest in a new solution named HomeTouch, one that seems to be bringing in a new way to search for carers. Simply put, the main idea behind HomeTouch is that the solution enables people to find experienced and vetted home carers. Yesterday, HomeTouch has been announced to be part of the TA10 in 2016.

This is a very interesting approach honestly and I did expect someone to be interested in the value that this type of idea might have. Even if the investment value wasn’t revealed, we can expect it to be quite a large one because it does show the quality that HomeTouch is currently bringing to the table.

The company has actually acquired more than £500,000 during this year alone so the idea is indeed very interesting for investors. They will use the money in order to increase the number of carers into thousands and they also want to expand the feature set as well.

The former NHS doctor named Jamie Wilson founded HomeTouch and he wanted to find a better way to boost the home care sector beyond beliefs. It seems that the tech expertise offered by Passion Capital will come as a great complement to the current expertise that HomeTouch has. They currently have a very good clinical knowledge and a very good understanding of the sector but as always improvements can and will be made.

Expanding the service to new carers is an amazing idea and one that will pay off immensely to be honest. After all, the main focus of HomeTouch is on quality care and they will be able to provide that very soon if they continue to expand the service and the amount of features it offers.

I personally think that investing in good ideas like this can make the world a much better place. Some people do lack quality care and that’s why a service such as this one can really pay off. The motivation and focus that HomeTouch has on delivering great results is nothing short of amazing and that’s what manages to offer the great boost that you would expect from it to begin with.

HomeTouch is a great innovator and a company targeted towards success. How much success will they have will differ based on various factors but overall you can expect them to bring in a lot of value to the table and we can’t wait to see how the entire sector and industry will be affected.

I and many others expect HomeTouch to kick things up a notch in the case industry and hopefully they will do so!

Photo credit: Kai Hendry
Source: CrunchBase / HomeTouch website

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