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Back on the Homefront with a Revolution on Your Hands

Homefront was an interesting take on the FPS genre and quite successful to the point where it got a sequel in the form of Homefront: The Revolution. But does this new game bring in cool stuff or is it a sequel that shouldn’t be made? Well, unfortunately the reality seems to close towards the latter one.

The game has some great points to begin with. The graphics are very good, a major step forward from the previous entry in the series. The game world is nice, detailed, the particle effects are to the point and the value that you can obtain here is very good.

Character design is amazing as well, although the animations were a little off at least for me. But that doesn’t hurt the character interaction as a whole. the world is also dense and very detailed which I like.

Another thing I loved here is the fact that you can customize weapons on the game which is a great plus. The gun play is good, weapons feel different, but there aren’t that many guns unfortunately.

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However, aside from the good stuff, there are some minuses to say the least. For example, there are way too many bugs for a finished product. You have to save often and sometimes you can’t even complete missions due to a bug. Keep in mind that I am talking about the release version, they might repair many of the bugs I mention in time.

There are some portions however that could be filled with stuff, but it seems that they left some space for future DLC. On top of that, the AI isn’t that good, in fact I actually found the AI to be quite boring at times and that’s unfortunate considering the value it could add to the game.

Voice acting isn’t stellar but that might be caused by the writing which is sub-par. The story here is quite cliché but it does have a few interesting moments. The lack of some important shooter mechanics like shooting when riding a bike or a vehicle or not having a suppressor for rifles is bad unfortunately and it does limit the experience.

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The game does feature an open world, but the world isn’t as populated as you expect. Which is a bummer especially since you open up portion by portion. So technically speaking, you don’t have an open world right from the start.

Despite the downsides, I actually liked Homefront: The Revolution as a simple shooting experience. But that does tend to wear off fast considering the fact that there are many, much better options on the market. The removal of multiplayer and focus on story / single-player didn’t fare that well at least in my own eyes. It’s not the worst game out there, but unfortunately Homefront: The Revolution doesn’t even rise to the bar set by the predecessor.

You can buy it, however I recommend you to wait for a sale as that’s when you get the best value from this game. It’s worth it for a few hours if you get it on a heavy discount!

YouTube: Homefront: The Revolution Launch Trailer (Official)

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