How to Get Noticed by a Headhunter


Moving on up in your career usually involves a lot of hard work, ambition and dedication, but if you’ve gone so far and need to change roles, then an executive headhunter can hold the key to your next role. But how do you get noticed? And how should you deal with a headhunter? If you want to maximise your chances of success in a competitive jobs market place, then read on to find out how.

Position yourself as an Expert

It might sound obvious, but if you’re one of the highest performers in your industry, you should capitalise on it to position yourself as an expert. Make your skills and experience widely known by speaking at industry events, writing articles, and dispensing advice to those lower down the ladder.  You’re far more likely to be picked up this way, than by hiding your light under a bushel.

Update your Skills

Technological developments have moved fast over recent years, so if you’ve fallen behind, make every effort to catch up. Recruiters and companies expect ever more advanced IT skills, so you’ll be passed over for roles if you’re unable to use latest technology effectively. The same goes for any other skills you feel need updating.


Networking is a valuable method of extending your contacts, and by networking with colleagues and professionals in your industry, you’ll be far more noticeable. Remember that headhunters normally pick up the phone to ask other industry professionals for recommendations, so by making yourself known to as many people as possible you’ll be increasing your chances of ‘discovery.’ You should also be genuine in your networking – don’t nurture relationships just to get ahead before jumping ship. Be consistent and make efforts to keep in touch on a regular basis.

Stay Informed

It’s crucial to remain up to date with all the latest development in your particular field. If, for example, you’re in the finance industry, then make keep on top of the latest news from the current most undervalued stocks to who is working where. Being unable to talk knowledgeably about recent developments suggests you’re ‘out of the loop.’

Build a Relationship with Headhunters

If you receive a call from a headhunter asking you if you can recommend an individual who is a good fit for a role, do all you can to assist them. By providing the headhunter with valuable industry information and names to help them fill a position, they’re far more likely to consider you in the future than someone who doesn’t help out. Going one step further and contacting them with recommendations, will win you even greater respect.

Stay Open and Honest

Remember that head hunters are looking for the perfect fit for their client, so be as honest as possible with them if they approach you. If you contact an executive search expert yourself, recommends being as open as possible about your background, skills and future plans. No one appreciates a time waster, so put your best foot forward whilst remaining genuine and honest.

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Wendy Lin is a freelance writer and entrepreneur. She enjoys travelling to the many beaches around the UK in the summer holidays and admits to being a huge Harry Potter fan.

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