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Find Investors for Your Startup Business with Saastic

Let’s just say that you’ve just found an innovative and breakthrough idea. So what do you decide to do? Make a startup and hustle on it. To turn your ideas into reality, you need some funding — and good funding at that.

It can be frustrating when you’ve got “the perfect idea” but can’t implement it due to lack of money. Your strongest bet is finding one (or more) investors. You need people that believe in your vision and are willing to put some money into it. However, the real struggle comes in when looking for them and convincing them of your idea.

Imagine yourself as an investor facing some random guy with a “groundbreaking” idea coming to your doorstep and asking for your money. Would you actually fund them? Probably not.

Before you go looking for investors, make sure your startup is worth investing in with a scalable startup and a scalable mindset. It’s pretty basic but it is the only thing investors are looking for, especially the early-stage ones. While this might sound daunting, there is a tool that can help you throughout this whole process: Saastic.


Getting funded

Saastic is a platform where entrepreneurs can get their startups in front of investors’ eyes. First of all, you must add your startup to the marketplace. Talk a little bit about your company, connect your metrics to the platform, and upload your pitch deck. You can do that anonymously or publicly. After that, your startup will go online to Saastic’s marketplace. This will allow investors to see your startup.

Once that happens, Saastic will notify you with an email saying that someone is interested in learning more about your business. The only thing you have to do is grant them access to your complete listing.

Last but not least, you have the chance to speak to interested investors directly through Saastic’s chat function or take the conversation offline. If someone is interested in your startup but doesn’t wish to fund you yet, don’t worry because they can follow your traction and invest whenever they think it’s best.


Choice in the market

Saastic’s marketplace is not yet very competitive, therefore you can find investors within days from listing your startup. Listing some general metrics such as the number of your customers, your monthly revenue, and your growth rate allows investors to see what they’re betting on.

Speaking of investors, they have access to a directory full of startups seeking funding in Saastic. They have a lot of options that can choose from. They can also request intros for full access to your startup’s profile.

Since the platform also allows investors to follow your startup’s traction, they’ll also know how well you’re doing. Investors can stalk your startup’s growth in Saastic and hop on when they think it’s best. If you’re doing good, investors will be the first ones to notice. They can also get in touch with you easily and discuss a beneficial partnership for both of you.

Saastic is a great place for startups looking for funding and for early-stage investors looking to find “gold”. You can find an investor within days. Hop on the marketplace while it’s still non-competitive and look for your next long-term partner.

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