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Final Fantasy XV Wins Back Gamers’ Hearts

The latest Final Fantasy release on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One sees gamers falling in love with a series that has been slowly alienating them since its Final Fantasy VII heyday on the original PlayStation console.

Every since those glory days, culminating in Final Fantasy IX, developer, and publisher Square Enix has made a string of horrible mistakes.

It released Final Fantasy Crisis Core only on the PlayStation Portable and has made no moves to bring a classic story to other platforms. Final Fantasy 14, a PC MMO was a badly received disaster that took years to get right, and until recently any remakes and remasters have been half-assed efforts. Only a promised full reworking of the mighty Final Fantasy VII has placated fans.

After a decade in development, FFXV finally sets things right with epic visuals, thanks to the new Luminous graphics engine, a deep plot, huge array of characters, and modern gaming sensibilities taken care of. The gaming press is delighted that they have something new to talk about, while serious gamers are getting into the game as they would a Fallout or Bioshock adventure.


A Final Chapter?

Final Fantasy VX is the biggest role-playing game from Japan this year, featuring a gang of four that look suspiciously like a Japanese punk band. They are Prince Noctis of Lucis, the only character you directly control, plus his bodyguard Ignis, advisor Prompto and fiancée Lunafreya Nox Fleuret.

They explore the open world land, in a funky car, fulfilling quests and gaining experience for the big battles ahead. That land is split into many realms, that are mostly under control of the evil Niflheim, who have now moved to invade Lucis. The game is aimed at newcomers as well as long-term devotees, so check it out on console to see what all the fuss is about.

YouTube: Final Fantasy XV – Omen Trailer (North America)

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