EXOLAUNCH Supports German Aerospace Center with Largest German SmallSat Cluster Launch


EXOLAUNCH, a leading German-based launch services, and mission management provider for small satellites, announced Thursday it is supporting national space research, academic institutions and newspace startups with it’s upcoming July 5th launch from the Vostochny Launch site in Russia.

Cluster launch for research and commercial use

Ten German SmallSats will be launched as a part of EXOLAUNCH’s smallsat cluster aboard the July 5th Soyuz. With seven universities’ satellites on the launch funded and supported by Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt (DLR, in English known as German Aerospace Center), including:

  • SONATE 3U (The Julius Maximilians University of Würzburg)
  • BeeSat-9 1U and BeeSat-10,11,12,13 4×0,25U Cubesat (Technical University Berlin)
  • MOVE-IIb (Technical University Munich)

Three commercial satellites on the launch were developed by German Orbital Systems GmbH (GOS, Berlin) for European and Asian customers as well as for the demonstration of the company’s new technology.

  • LightSat 3U CubeSat (GOS  / iSky Technology s.r.o., Prague)
  • JAISAT-1 3U CubeSat (GOS / RAST-NBTC Thailand)

New concepts are tested

Additionally, the launch features a new 3U bus proof of concept mission with carbon deployable solar panels and new avionic units.

  • LightSat 3U CubeSat (German Orbital Systems GmbH  / iSky Technology s.r.o., Berlin / Prague)


Finally, in a second joint project between the European newspace companies GOS and iSky, there will be development of a commercial, CubeSat based ADS-b constellation.

  • JAISAT-1 3U CubeSat (GOS / RAST-NBTC) The first GOS CubeSat tech demo mission for the Radio Amateur Society of Thailand.

In a statement to TechAcute, Jeanne Medvedeva, Launch Services Commercial Director at EXOLAUNCH said, “EXOLAUNCH is proud to be supporting our national space research, academic institutions and newspace startups with launch services and mission technical support.”

Photo credit: The feature image has been provided to us for press usage and is owned by EXOLAUNCH / ECM space technologies GmbH.
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