Ericsson Introduces 2 New AI-Powered Network Services


Stockholm, Sweden, February 13, 2020 — Ericsson now launches two of its latest AI-driven network services—Network Intelligence and Omni Network Channel—which both promise to deliver the most seamless user experience and allows for communication services to secure always-on networks.

Network Intelligence for better service

Network Intelligence forms as one of the network services that Ericsson now offers. Ericsson Network Services have always been in support of Engineered Intelligence, meaning that they believe that the best solutions are born from the pairing of human ingenuity and machine capabilities.

Hence, with this in mind, Ericsson’s Network Intelligence utilizes artificial Intelligence, automation, and predictive analytics to attend to complex real-life situations, which communications service providers continuously have to face. These complexities include the continuous growth of data and the constant introduction of new technologies—such as 5G, digital transformation, as well as the unorganized sources of information and insights.

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This new AI-driven preemptive support service quickly identifies issues and resolves them before they even have the chance to interrupt network performance. Network Intelligence intercepts critical outages and ensures the network stability required for seamless service and optimal end-to-end performance. Ericsson Network Services promises that Network Intelligence carries out selective data collection and automatically resolves issues within an average of five minutes from which the data was first collected, thus limiting critical incidents by up to 35%.

Network Intelligence ultimately performs as a natural extension of the Ericsson Network Service portfolio, and it is complementary to Ericsson’s Operations Engine—Ericsson’s offering for design, managed operations, and optimization.

Enter the Omni Network Channel

Ericsson’s Omni Network Channel functions as a unified digital workspace that facilitates interaction, thus connecting Ericsson with the communications service provider. The final product from this union results in straight-forward navigation, self-help, and smooth collaboration.

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This new service offers quicker resolutions for issues that arise within both the communications service provider and Ericsson operations. These solutions help to improve network performance and ensure the satisfaction of consumers. Omni Network Channel also supports the adoption of new technologies—such as 5G.

Statement from Ericsson Network Services

Ericsson’s Head of Service Area Networks Roger O’Hargan says that their core value is “Technology-enhanced by people,” as the people, framework, and technology forms Ericsson’s main assets. Mr. O’Hargan promises that Ericsson will continuously deliver a secure, always-on network experience, thanks to these new AI network services. We are looking forward to hearing more from this front soon.

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Photo credit: The images used in this article are owned by Ericsson and were provided for press usage.
Source: Ericsson press release

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