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Drown Provides Tactile Audio Experience to Gamers

Many people love the cinema and visit it frequently. Some of us especially enjoy all the special sound effects that many movies have. Lots of gamers also that same quality of sound when they play games, so they invest in good gaming headphones. Nowadays, technological advancements have gone so far that, yes, you can have that now too.

I’m talking about Drown, a patented sound technology that takes gaming to the next level with tactile audio. Basically, Drown consists of earphones that are cool-looking and small, yet provide a full sound experience.

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Immerse yourself in the sound

The creators of Drown have designed it to activate all three of your body’s audio processing mechanisms (yes, there are three of them). Therefore, Drown can transform sounds from just regular noise into a true surround sound experience, allowing users to hear sounds coming from all sides.

This is especially important in some of the games where you need to orient yourself according to sound cues. An example is how speedrunners utilize certain audio cues to do skips for playing the game quicker. In some games, it is the quality of these sound effects that can mean victory or defeat for a player.

Drown also offers various comfort levels, allowing you to experience your favorite games in an entirely new way. Specifically, it comes in six different sizes that will fit your ears. The soft and durable in-ear fitting headphones are made from a hygienic, non-stick silicone material.

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The real star is the tech behind it that gives sounds that tactile feel. Drown’s acoustic waveguides sculpt waves through a custom tactile system with the help of scientifically tuned, high-end dynamic graphene drivers. Nerve stimulation creates spatial awareness and allows you to experience height, depth, and distance. Bone and cartilage conduction creates physical awareness that mimics the real world.

Sounds pretty amazing if you ask me. The Drown earphones will range from $165-$330. If you want to try out Drown for yourself, you can back it up and pre-order on its Indiegogo page.

YouTube: Drown Earphones: Game-Changing Tactile Audio

Photo credits: All materials shown are owned by Drown Audio and were provided as part of a media kit.

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