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Develop Your Own Windows 8 Apps with Project Siena

Since we live in a world where applications can be used to literally do anything, many of us had the idea of creating our own application. But since it can be hard to learn and master a programming language, most people quit this dream and instead use the apps created by others. But how would it be if you would be able to create your own applications? This is where Project Siena from Microsoft tries to come to your help.

Project Siena is basically an application that is still, up to this date, in Beta, and which allows you to design your own Windows 8-based application. The best thing about Project Siena however comes from the fact that you don’t need any programming knowledge in order to create the apps, as the tool comes with its own set of examples that can be modified according to your needs. If you don’t want to use those either, then you can easily create your own apps thanks to the stellar interface and helpful tools included there.

While it might not be Visual Studio when it comes to programming, Project Siena does a lot of these things right, because it’s tailored to the normal person, and not to the developer. Because of that, the interface is suitable for touch, and you can also create touch based apps as well. On top of that, Project Siena is highly based on the visual experience, and because of that it makes designing apps a delight.

You get a canvas that allows you to design apps just like they were a document. Basically, you insert shapes, videos, place buttons and even include your own images if you want, in order to create an app that looks good and which provides you with a wide range of choices as well.

An interesting feature that appeals to a wide range of users is the fact that you can embed data sources from RSS, Azure, Excel or even SharePoint in your Project Siena, so you will definitely have the opportunity to create even RSS readers if you want.

Also, there are so many options to choose from when you create an app that you will certainly like the experience. You can change fonts, fill with colors and so on. Despite the numerous customization options, Project Siena is still a basic app targeted towards offering a stellar, easy to use and interesting experience that you will enjoy for sure.

All in all, Project Siena is a great app that comes to show something interesting! You don’t really need to be a programming wizard in order to have your own application, instead you get to have tons of fun creating your own app regardless. Microsoft tries to change the idea that people have about developing apps, and with Project Siena they make the whole experience simple! Project Siena is a great example of how the web progresses towards a much better environment in which learning, developing and other similar actions are brought to the masses in a simpler form. With Project Siena, we are one step closer to a familiar, impressive experience, and building apps with it is so much fun!

Video: What is Project Siena?

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