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Cyber Defense: Microsoft Introduces Digital Crimes Unit

MICROSOFT CORP. LOGOOne of the most important things about the web is the fact that it made possible countless things, from connecting people all over the world to increasing business possibilities and so on. It makes the entire experience more refined and truly interesting, however this doesn’t come without risks. Cybercrime and hacking as a whole are major industries that hurt companies all over the world, with more than $450 billion in losses each year.

The Microsoft Digital Crimes Unit was designed in order to help companies fight cybercrime and combat it properly so that no losses will appear in the long run. The bad part is that 12 people online are affected each second, so you can rest assured that this is a serious thing which needs to be battled the best possible way.

Microsoft Cybercrime investigation unit cyber intelligence map interactive live

What the Microsoft Digital Crimes Unit does is that it was created specifically to make the internet safer for all people as well as organizations that use the web. Its main goal is to improve and focus on internet safety all while delivering the outstanding results and the high quality outcome that you always wanted. They also use human ingenuity as well as the latest, high tech security tools in order to combat cybercrime and understand it, all so that it can be combatted properly and deliver the best possible experience.

The way the Microsoft Digital Crimes Unit does all of that is by using a team of forensic analysts, engineers, investigators and attorneys in order to deliver the ultimate set of tools and ideas to help take everything to the next level.

Microsoft Digital Crimes Unit harnesses the power of the cloud in order to deliver high quality, professional, tangible and immense results in order to take the experience to new heights and that on its own is developing a simpler, more refined way to deal with cyber battles.

Microsoft Cybercrime investigation unit cyber Malware Lab

What I feel is very important when it comes to creating any cyber solution is definitely security. Unfortunately, many software tools and even the most used ones such as Flash have massive security holes and they need to be attended to immediately otherwise hackers and cybercrime as a whole will have no problem harnessing the power of that information and use it wrongfully.

The Microsoft Digital Crimes Unit division is very good at what it does and it has already saved countless companies worldwide from data leaks and situations that might have destroyed their reputation. They are an amazing team of experts and they will definitely be able to offer the results that people want, it all comes down to the way everything will be implemented in the long run.

I really feel that Microsoft Digital Crimes Unit has the ability to harness Microsoft Cloud and its power in order to help us stay safe online and the way they started it is definitely a good start, hopefully their future solutions will offer even better results!

YouTube: Welcome to the Cybercrime Center

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