Convert All Your Handwriting To Digital Data With Neo Smartpen


Have you ever imagined writing with a pen and immediately getting converted to digital information? NeoLAB has designed smartpens that can convert all your writing into digital.

The perfect combination of analog and digital

The Neo Smartpen lets you write on paper while it gets directly transcribed into digital data. This data will also be available on your computer, tablet, or even on a phone. Not just writings but you can easily pass your doodles and sketches to a screen as well. Take note though that the pens were not designed for drawing, so it may have some mistakes in detailed drawings. It should do fine with doodles.

While the smartpens were designed for writing, some tests have demonstrated that writing close to the edge of the page makes it difficult for the smartpen to register what is being written. Aside from that minor issue, it works great and it’s one of the most accurate smartpens out there.

This way you can take your notes on a paper without recopying the notes on your device. You can also write directly into the device. This makes it much easier to do those explainer videos, can you imagine?

Turn activate the pen, simply remove the cap. Recapping the pen would switch it off. If the pen hasn’t been used for more than 10 seconds, it will go on standby mode. It reactivates immediately when you start using it again. It’s also hassle-free as it takes less than a minute to set it up with any of your devices.

Neo Smartpens N2 and M1

There are two different models to choose from. The Neo Smartpen N2 has a very elegant all-steel and aluminum body. It feels more like an instrument than like a pen, unlike the Neo Smartpen M1 that’s made out of fiberglass. The N2 one feels more like you are writing with a regular pen. Whichever you use, both are ergonomic and are the most comfortable smartpens you’ll have.

You can find the N2 in aluminum or black color, it’s very slim and lightweight, it weighs 22 grams. Meanwhile, the M1 comes in combinations of black with red, nave with yellow, and gray with yellow. It’s also a bit smaller and lighter weighing only 17 grams.

It’s very easy to refill the ink in these as they both use standard D-1 refills. Simply remove the tip from the pen and place the D-1 refill in the same way. Both pens come with pretty small 3.7V/280mAh internal batteries. You can charge the pens up with the micro USB found on the back of the pens. It also only takes 90 minutes to have them fully charged.

With a single full charge, you can continuously use it up to 6 hours, or 125 days on standby mode. It sounds impressive, but it’s one of the shortest battery life among the smartpens tested on the market.

Connecting and availability

You can link the Neo Smartpens with the Neo Notes app available on Android, iOS, and Windows devices via Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy. Once you launch the app and start writing, it will automatically detect the notepad size and show you the writing almost in real-time.

You can find the two models at the Neo Smartpen shop and The price varies between $109-$129 for the M1 and $149-$169 for the N2.

YouTube: Smart Class Kit Official video

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