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CanguRo: Your Personal Self-Driving Vehicle

Modern advances in technology have seen many takes on automated pedestrian vehicles. From electric-powered bicycles to motorized luggage, these vehicles attempt to make travel easier for both long and short distances.

However, most automated vehicles do not come close to the advanced system and capabilities of the CanguRo. Developed at the Chiba Institute of Technology in Japan by the Future Robotics Technology Center (fuRo), this automated personal vehicle has many unique abilities that make it stand out compared to others.

Transforming the e-vehicle

The CanguRo has a unique design similar to a tricycle or an automated mini-bike. However, it is far more advanced with fuRo’s proprietary Simultaneous Localization And Mapping (SLAM) technology called scanSLAM.  With this, the vehicle can reach destinations by itself. It has a self-driving intelligence which means it can follow its owner even while walking. Aside from that, it can also communicate using sounds and specific actions. It sounds like a robotic pet, but the difference is that you can ride it.

The CanguRo has two modes: Roid and Ride. Roid lets the vehicle follow you around, while Ride lets you ride it. When it gets prompted through the mobile app, it spreads a bit wider to have better control of the vehicle. It also has a retractable seat for the driver.

Two powerful motors power the vehicle in each front wheel. Meanwhile, the single back wheel steers it. This allows the vehicle to traverse narrow bends and make sharp turns. An actuator controls the steering mechanism of the vehicle to make it more robust. The vehicle also has obstacle detection systems and automatic braking in ride mode to avoid collisions.

The CanguRo is truly one of a kind and can prove to be a useful companion for daily travelers with its unique capabilities. fuRo aims to make RidRoids as common as cars and motorcycles. For now, the CanguRo line is a start, with more of these vehicles planned for development.

YouTube: CanguRo – Technical Details

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