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Borderlands 3 Official Reveal Trailer Released during PAX East

What’s up, Vault Hunters! Ready for what Borderlands 3 has in store for us? (well aside from a lot of gun booming action that makes us cheersplode as usual…). Here’s what happened in the story until now and make sure to scroll to the video below if you’re intending to play any Borderlands 3 predecessor before the release to avoid spoilers.

Borderlands is known to be the original co-op, run, and gun, ego shooter-looter, post-apocalyptic heck of a game. Just a day after the release of the teaser, they released the official trailer at PAX East on March 28. Gearbox hasn’t announced an official date yet, but they did promise to give us more information on April 3rd. Get yourselves ready for that!

Before dwelling into what the third installment of the series has to offer us, let’s first go back to how this crazy adventure all started.

What’s Borderlands about?

Well before the main plot, Gearbox released a prequel of how Jack turned psycho, featuring Angel and that freaking Claptrap robot. So after, he did turn into a psychotic CEO,  (we move onto Borderlands) he used Angel to manipulate our first four Vault Hunters: Lilith, Roland, Brick, and Mordecai. They went through quite an adventure to piece together the Vault Key and were successful in getting it back after it was stolen, they weren’t quite pleased with what welcomed them. A giant alien with tentacles and lazers (I wouldn’t be pleased too).

Borderlands 3 Reveal Trailer Other Characters

After opening the first vault, (we’re now onto Borderlands 2) Jack takes advantage of the alien mineral Eridium for his own wealth. Our heroes now joined the Crimson Raiders to try and fight off Hyperion. This is where they found out how Angel had been manipulating them the whole time, but changed her mind soon after and decided to help them (for real this time). She made them kill her to stop Jack’s plan, so he took Lilith instead to finish charging the Vault Key. And I think that’s pretty scary that this alien colossus is on the bad guys’ side.

What do we know about Borderlands 3?

So what does the trailer tell us now? There will be a few of our old favorite characters like Lilith, Brick, Mordecai, Maya, Ellie, Marcus, etc. But! There are also quite a lot of characters we don’t know about yet. There is a variety of locations shown in the trailer as well as more ugly giant robots to shoot. With what you ask? Well apparently there one billion guns, you read that right, ONE BILLION GUNS. Oh, and also a gun that walks on its own. Watch the full trailer down below!


YouTube: Borderlands 3 Official Reveal Trailer

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