Bodycam Technology Tested During Football Innovation Game


On July 16, 2022, A.C. Milan and F.C. Köln played an “Innovation Game” as a pre-game event for the Telekom Cup 2022. This friendly game may be the beginning of a new era for football using bodycam technology.

During the match, some of the players had bodycams attached to their bodies. This allowed the audience to see it from the players’ viewpoint, making the experience more immersive.

Why bodycams for football?

The purpose of the tech innovation is to provide a closer view to the fans, making them feel part of the game. The cameras would stream the match from a completely different angle, offering a unique angle that puts viewers in the player’s shoes. The view is like the so-called ‘Be a pro’ mode, where you can only use one player to play.

Bodycam technology
GIF: Bundesliga via TechAcute

What else it could present?

Another feature of this technology is the microphone. Players are wired with mics, allowing the fans to hear some of the conversations on the pitch and outside of it.

An exciting moment during the game is when one of the Köln players is telling the referee “When in doubt, please go for the home team”. Of course, this is a funny moment, but we can witness many more harmful phrases, especially during intense games.

Football entertainment might go even further by broadcasting moments from the dressing rooms for fans to know what the players are discussing or how they motivate themselves. All of these improvements most likely will increase the interest of the fans.

Even though the bodycam technology has not been completely tested, 2022 might be one of the most innovative years in football history. Prior to the Telekom Cup’s Innovation Game, FIFA announced a new semi-automated offside system to help referees make better offside decisions.

YouTube: 1. FC Köln vs. AC Milan | Highlights | Innovation Match with Body Cams and Mic’d Up Players

Photo credit: The feature image has been done by Alphaspirit. The GIF animation is sourced from the respective Bundesliga video and owned by them.
Sources: F.C. Köln / Emanuele D’Angelo (NSS Sports)

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