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Bigsofti: The Professional Mobile Soft-Light for Personal Use

Lighting is essential when it comes to photography and videography. It’s much more than just illuminating the scene. Proper lighting can help create beautiful pictures while bad lighting can transform a perfect shot into a poor image.

When it comes to cellphone photography, we forget this critical element, and we can’t say the flash on the phone is a good light. You may wonder why your selfie looks weird even if you look really nice in the mirror. Well, it’s all about lighting.

TV commercial director Al Morrow came up with the idea of a professional light. As a result, he collaborated with the VERT team to create Bigsofti, a mobile light that can be used for phones, professional cameras, laptops, tablets, etc.


Professional lighting anywhere

While smartphones have enjoyed an upgrade to professional-quality cameras, their lighting has not experienced the same advancement. This ultimately pushed the idea for the development of Bigsofti.

Bigsofti is a portable, easy-to-use, small, and lightweight accessory for your camera of choice. This light comes with a removable clip to detach it from the light module. The clip also has soft rubber contacts to protect your screen from scratching. It has an axis point to tilt the light and accessories like a shoe mount adapter so you can use it on your camera, DSLR, or even on your laptop or lighting tripod.


Aside from that, Bigsofti uses bi-color LEDs that lets you choose between 3 color settings and adjust the shoot as you like. These settings are called daylight, tungsten, and clean mix. You can also adjust the brightness of the light to low, mid, and high. Its ultra-thin Li-ion battery is rechargeable via USB-C and can run up to 95 minutes on maximum brightness.

Professionals use the biggest and softest lights to create beautiful images, both in photography and film. These big lights can illuminate a person’s face evenly while covering any imperfections on it. This is exactly the kind of light that Bigsofti is based on so you can look professional during video calls or just make selfies look better. If you’re interested, it is currently available at Indiegogo starting at AUD 89.

YouTube: BIGSOFTI Demo with creator Al Morrow.

Photo credits: The images used are owned by Bigsofti and were provided for press usage.

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