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Bethesda Announces ‘The Elder Scrolls VI’ with Beautiful Teaser

This year’s E3 brought many exciting announcements for video games fans of all profiles and The Elder Scrolls series enthusiasts will have something to look forward to as well. Without going into much detail, Todd Howard from Bethesda Game Studios announced at the end of their E3 press conference that The Elder Scrolls VI is in pre-production. it is rumored that the upcoming sixth major title of this IP will be released for next-gen consoles, so it might be around 2020.

This revelation followed an announcement of several other potential masterpieces, such as space epic Starfield, Fallout 76, RAGE 2, DOOM Eternal and others. While we weren’t told exactly when this wonderful new open-world fantasy adventure RPG might be coming out to our machines, Bethesda delighted us with a beautiful teaser trailer so we can get some idea of what awaits us when it finally does come out. I embedded it for you below the article.

In what region will The Elder Scrolls VI be?

This is the newest chapter in the acclaimed action role-playing open world fantasy series, famous for its large and elaborately detailed open worlds that allow the player to explore the fictional Elder Scrolls continent of Tamriel. Which part of it is still unknown. Will it be Hammerfell? Daggerfall again? Akavir? There are many fan theories going around but nothing is fact yet.


Taking place in a setting that combines the characteristics of early and pre-medieval real world, reminding a bit of the Roman Empire, this series incorporates a lot of high fantasy elements: magic, dragons, elves, orcs, parallel worlds, and so much more.

What’s the past and how does the future look?

Not including the announced The Elder Scrolls VI, the series currently has five main games and several spin-offs, with the first main game, The Elder Scrolls: Arena released all the way back in 1994. The latest release was The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, which came out in November 2011. That is if you don’t count the digital collectible card game, The Elder Scrolls: Legends, which was released in March 2017.

While waiting for this newest chapter, the Elder Scrolls fans can pass the time with The Elder Scrolls: Blades, which is, as Todd Howard announced, coming out in the fall of 2018. The game will first be available for Apple and Android phones, followed by PC and consoles.

YouTube: The Elder Scrolls VI – Official E3 Announcement Teaser

Photo credit: Due to lack of visual material on this upcoming title we used a generic graphic as feature image for this article. The graphic in the middle of the article is a still image taken from the teaser video. Both of these images are owned by Bethesda.
Source: As per announcement trailer and speech from the E3 press conference.

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