Best of the Google I/O 15 Dev Event


Each year, Google holds a huge developer conference called Google I/O, and each year they present new tech and other cool stuff they are working on. 2015 was no different and they have managed to present quite a lot of stuff that we are going to showcase here.

Less Intimidating App Permissions

You will now be able to approve permissions individually when you install a new application, which is great since it gets easier for the user to customize his experience without feeling like his data is stolen.

Chrome in All Apps

Chrome will receive a new feature named Custom Tabs that allows you to load pages faster by preloading. You will not be able to actually see it that much, it will be more of a background feature but still impressive.


Android M

The new inception of Android software comes in the form of M and aside from the aforementioned features that might be felt on desktop as well, it will also bring in a much better and more optimized battery life, as well as a program which is called Now on Tap, which is basically a much better Google Now.

On top of that Google also offers a new, revamped Photos app that brings in a free online storage option. Offline maps are also available, and these will be pushed mainly on the developing countries.

Android Everywhere

Android Wear receives a new set of apps, the screen will now be always on, and there’s even a new app launcher which is really nice as well. They even created a new thing named project Brillo which enables smart devices to talk with one another and which acts as the core of your digital, smart home.

Android Pay also gets closer, and even though it’s still not available, you will soon be able to see it on action. As a side note, fans of movies will be glad to find out that HBO now is set to come to Android, and this will allow you to enjoy your series and movies on the go.


Virtual Reality

Yes, virtual reality is a thing right now, and because of that, Google goes onward with its Cardboard product that is set to fit more devices including the iPhone. They will also release very soon a SDK for the project, which will make it even easier for devs to release apps which support this interesting project.

Google has also partnered with GoPro in order to help enthusiasts create a VR camera rig on their own, which will enable enthusiasts to enjoy the experience even more than before.

This is all what Google stated about their current projects. They didn’t mention anything about stuff like Android Auto, the new Project Fi or their advancements with the self-driving car. Things are a little tight-lipped at the moment but you can rest assured that they are actively working on this and the results will be seen soon.

YouTube: Google I/O 2015 – Keynote by Sundar Pichai

Photo credit: Google

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