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Microsoft Azure Sphere Helps to Secure IoT Solutions

Two years ago, Microsoft announced Azure Sphere, a program that will secure over 40 billion Internet of Things (IoT) devices. According to Microsoft, the Azure Sphere will connect to the Internet by 2025. Now, the program is ready to launch, and the eligible customers will be able to sign up for it.

There are thousands of new devices connected each year everywhere in the world, and people need to secure their own devices. Azure Sphere should help protect your privacy, data, physical safety, and infrastructure. Microsoft built this program for years to deliver a product that will be the ideal solution for the IoT devices. This includes Microsoft’s experience in hardware, software, and cloud to provide the highest level of privacy.

Microsoft Azure Sphere Explained

Azure Sphere is a secure, high-level application platform with built-in communication and security features for IoT devices. It contains a secured and connected microcontroller unit, a high-level Linux operating system, and a cloud-based security service that provides constant security.

The Azure Sphere runs on certified chips and connects to its own Security Service. This provides a platform for IoT app development, including high-level and real-time applications. This is the first Microsoft-released platform that runs on the Linux operating system.

The Azure Sphere MCU, together with its operating system and application platform, can offer highly-secured Internet devices that will be remotely updated, controlled, monitored, and maintained. A device that connects to an Azure Sphere MCU provides improved productivity and security. For example, this platform decreases the security risks that appear due to service attacks. Moreover, the software updates will automatically be deployed from the cloud to the device. This means that they will provide new features and will fix any issues.

On the other hand, its Security Service is an integral part of the Azure Sphere that enables secure connection to the cloud and the web. This service makes sure that the device boots only with authorized software. Furthermore, the service has a secured channel through which Microsoft can automatically install updates to the deployed devices.

Assisting in securing IoT solutions

The IoT market is continuously and rapidly growing. Today, millions of IoT devices connect to the cloud. For that reason, security is a primary concern of IoT devices. Microsoft has been heavily working and investing in IoT solutions, and now we have their product. As we already mentioned, the Azure Sphere has three components that will help in securing IoT solutions.

First off, certified chips have security technology that will provide connectivity and dependable hardware root of trust. Second, its OS adds additional layers of protection and security updates that will create a secure platform for IoT devices. Finally, its Security Service provides high security and trust for device-to-cloud communication, renews device security, and detects threats. This combination will make IoT devices more safe and secure.

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