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Apple TV 4K Was the Budget Star of the Company’s Event

Apple LogoCupertino, US, September 12 — Eddy Cue, SVP from Apple, reveals the new Apple TV 4K to the public during the recent Apple September Event. Next to some rather pricey revelations, the new Apple TV set top box is going to be a lot more affordable.

If you aren’t loaded or insane enough to replace your perfectly good iPhone every year or two, there was some good news from Apple at its first event from the Steve Jobs theatre.

Pricing and features

At only $199, the new Apple TV provides 4K content with HDR10 and Dolby Vision to light up the biggest screens and provide the best quality image. As more broadcasters start bringing 4K content online, there’s now a reasonable use case for owning one, and the increase in processing power might tempt a few more game developers to bring their titles to the dinky device.


With an improved A10X Fusion chip with 64-bit architecture processor, there’s plenty of grunt to decode the 4K video and power great looking games, plus Gigabit Ethernet to squeeze all that 4K data out of your broadband pipe. Bluetooth 5.0 support could also hope with the next generation of smart home devices as Apple continues to play in that area through HomeKit.

Not as popular as the iPhone but…

The follow up to the fourth-generation 2015 model, Apple TV is one of the company’s less talked about products but if you don’t have $999 for an iPhone X, then it’s one way to keep up with the Apple family. Inside the remote is a microphone for talking to Siri who can help cue up your viewing or play games via the touch surface. The TV app will be getting an update soon, offering to watch content based on semantic commands such as “watch the Manchester United game.”

While the TV dongle market seems to have gone off the boil recently, except the usual players including Amazon Fire TV sticks, Roku and Google Chromecast to update products as seasonal treats. Certainly, 4K TVs will be big ticket items come Black Friday sales, so all will be looking for a boost based around all this activity.

YouTube: Apple TV 4K with HDR video support revealed at Apple event (CNET News)

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