Amazon’s Echo Family Cuts Costs, Expands to Europe


amazon-com-large-logo-press-resources-high-resolution-rgb14 – September, Seattle – Europe today welcomes the Amazon Echo with its Alexa smart voice assistant. Or, at least gadget lovers in the U.K. and Germany do, other nations will likely get to play with the smart home and media controller later on, as further languages are added.

In America, the recently launched Dot puck-style version, called “Echo Dot” also gets a new version with white as a color option, and a price cut down to $50. This is part of Amazon’s onslaught for control of the smart home market, and to encourage Amazon fans to buy smart lighting, cameras, security systems and other gadgets – from Amazon’s own store naturally.

The store even has a section dedicated to new and innovative products to encourage people to get interested in clever smart technology.

Everything Will Be Smart

echo-dot-black-back-on-buttons-product-alexa-va-aiAmazon is in a pitch battle with Google’ that has a similar upcoming Hub product and Apple with HomeKit. That’s controlled through the recent fourth generation Apple TV, and iOS 10 with the new Home app as one of the big features.

All these contenders feature voice assistants, but while Google and Apple have been focused on the smartphone, tablet or PC, Amazon’s products including the more portable Echo Tap, have brought voice control of music, TV and information services to those who might not use or like smartphones.

Smart Home for Everyone

Amazon’s tablets sold to millions of typical shoppers who care nothing about iOS vs Android. And, the Alexa-powered Echo range could also help Amazon steal some ground on its competitors when it comes to the rise of the smart home.


Any user with an Echo gadget can turn their compatible lights up or down with a voice command, and no need to worry about the intricacies of smart home hubs, reducing the fear factor of the technology.

Those who want a Dot in every room can buy five for the price of six, or 12 for the price of 10 with Amazon’s bulk buys.

YouTube: Introducing the all-new Echo Dot
Photo credit: Amazon
Source: Amazon via Business Wire
Editorial notice: There was a change in the bundle prices communicated by Amazon on 16-September. Make sure to check the prices in any pending items you had put in your shopping cart.

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