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AmazonSmile: Donate While You Shop, at No Extra Cost!

Are you a fan of online shopping? A frequent visitor of Amazon? Why not contribute to charitable organizations, while shopping, at no extra cost?

The AmazonSmile Foundation allows you to do just that. Amazon offers you a chance to shop online with the promise that a small sum of your patronage will be donated to a charitable organization of your choice.

What’s it about?

While it is not widely known, due to a severe lack of publicity, Amazon offers an alternative online site for their customers to shop at; which can be found at smile.amazon.com – AmazonSmile.

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This alternative site is an exact mirror replica of the Amazon site that we all know and love. It offers the same service and sells the exact same products at the same price. The only difference is AmazonSmile donates 0.5%, of what they have earned from your purchase to a charitable organization of your choice.

What if AmazonSmile doesn’t include my charitable organization?

As long as your charitable organization is listed by GuideStar and meets Amazon Smile’s eligibility criteria, your charity should be visible as an available option for all customers shopping with AmazonSmile. However, if your own charity or your charity of choice is not available as an option on the AmazonSmile site, fear not. Considering that you are an official representative of an eligible charitable organization, you can easily visit the website: org.amazon.com, follow their simple step-by-step instructions and register your organization to receive donations via AmazonSmile.

Why you should use it

AmazonSmile is for everyone. We have all purchased something from Amazon, and some of us solely rely on Amazon for every single one of their purchases. With AmazonSmile, we can all enjoy the same online shopping experience while resting assured that a portion of what we’ve spent ends up contributing to a charitable organization of our choice.

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As a person who is often skeptical when it comes to donating to charities, I often wonder whether my donations are actually being safely contributed and spent on the actual cause; hence I tend to hesitate when it comes to making a donation. With that being said, AmazonSmile is an excellent option since shoppers are able to ensure that 0.5%, of what they’ve spent on their purchase, is donated to a charity of their choice; without paying any extra.

If everybody used it, the united Amazon buyers could make a rather big impact by supporting a lot of charities. This program has been around since 2013 but it’s not well known. Let’s change that! Ready to switch to smile.amazon.com? Put a smile on their faces. 🙂 Share your thoughts in the comments!

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