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Add Notes and Timestamps in Videos with Annotate.tv

Aside from search engines, YouTube has slowly risen to be a go-to website for various reasons. Entertainment, looking at documentaries, watching tutorial videos, or just merely browsing because you’re bored, YouTube probably has a video for you.

Recently, the video hosting site has also proven its useability when it comes to academics and research, especially for students and working professionals alike. Interviews, documentaries, and other video snippets can be taken as valuable and reliable resources which may be used for class papers, other study activities, and articles, among others. Teachers have also seen the value in these as more videos, especially the educational ones, are slowly being included in class syllabi. It is indeed a great development for those who learn better through visual media.

Still, poring over even a single video can be tricky, especially when these are used for academic work such as article citations. It also gets frustrating when you forget where to look for certain things within a video, like a quote you need within a 45-minute video. These concerns can be easily solved through Annotate.tv.

Annotating videos

Just like its name suggests, Annotate.tv allows the user to annotate and put notes on YouTube videos. You can also put actual time stamps so you don’t lose where a particular quote appeared or was said. The website also has a search function which helps you to easily locate notes from your pile.


Another good thing about Annotate.tv is that it allows you to export your notes to PDF, Markdown, or sync them with Readwise, making it accessible even when you are not online. It also makes it easier to share them with friends, classmates, and colleagues. This is definitely helpful during this era of online classes and courses where everything is starting to become digitalized.

The best thing about this website is that it is absolutely free to use. However, if you want to unlock more features to experience the full capabilities of Annotate.tv, you can opt for their Premium option for a small fee of $4 per month.

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