6 Awesome Websites for Learning Languages Online


Everyone today knows what Bonjour means, even if they do not know French. The British are crazy after Tikka Masala while the Indians want to bake a Crème Brule. Why? – Accessibility.

People are diving into different cultures and adopting what they like which makes the knowledge of different languages extremely important in this global village. It allows them to communicate and understand where the other comes from and appreciate what all the other cultures have to offer. Learning a new language is more like creating a new personality. So here are 6 absolutely awesome websites for learning languages online:


Lingualia LogoBased on Artificial Intelligence, Lingualia has designed a robot named Lingu to personalize every course according to the learner’s motivation and time. This is what makes Lingualia stand apart from all the other language learning websites.  Their content consists of about 200 lessons, 8000 audios, exercises, practical speaking, and flashcards. What makes the learning process better is the fact that Lingu is always available to monitor your progress and level. This website arranges for learners to complete their exercises in real time with actual natives, which allows them to correct their mistakes and receives perceptive comments from someone who knows the language by heart. You can synchronize lessons in all your devices, and learn according to your flexibility.


BabbelBabbel Logo courses promise good progress and fast results, because it focuses more on getting you to converse as much as possible. These courses are broken into small blocks, touching vocabulary and grammar simultaneously, but the unique characteristic of Babbel is that it will encourage you into practicality right from the start and teach students based on practical situations like shopping, sightseeing, ordering food in a foreign restaurant or talking to a native. It encourages app use in all devices, for adequate learning of 15 minutes per day. They then monitor and save your progress for the next time you log on.


ZEOLearn logoOther than French and Spanish, another very important language is the language of programming. Focusing on the practicality of the field, Zeolearn provides students with the opportunity to work on practical situations as well as those that are trending in the industry at the moment. They are available in 61 countries around the world and offer courses like Python, iOS development, Advanced JavaScript, and HTML5. They also introduce highly qualified specialists which the learners can contact and get influenced by. This allows the students or learners to plan their professional career ahead and know exactly what they want to be.


Duolingo logoNot only does this website offer courses in numerous languages, but it also provides test centers and online courses for schools, thousands of teachers around the globe are already using it to enhance their classroom teaching experience. From a teaching point of view Duolingo motivates the student with a ‘streak count’ which highlights the number of days that the learner has dedicated in learning the language. It also has a set of hearts as ‘lives’ (just like in Candy Crush Saga) which run out every time you give an incorrect answer. Their exercises are very bite size which makes them easy to grasp and also easy to take time out for. They also offer an official test, which can be taken on any device, and in the end you receive an official Duolingo score.

Mango Languages

mango languages logoAlong with an adorable user interface, Mango Languages offer courses in over 60 languages. They focus on vocabulary, pronunciation and grammar so that the learnings ‘sticks’ to the student. They encourage learning through movies and media that is available in different languages, and slow and simple ‘break-it-down’ structure, so that the student can pick up a complex phrase, break it down into pieces, and learn to grasp and pronounce the words individually by giving it his own meanings. Over all they offer goal based learning which targets the actual speaking of new languages targeting new cultures as the students learn from conversations.


busuu logoThis platform offers intensive online language learning courses in 12 languages which include French, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, Portuguese, and many more. For users who are exploring the idea of learning a language online, they can easily try Busuu for free online before making their decision. For more accessibility, they have an app available for download, ready for students and learners on-the-go. They have an in-house team of educational experts which claim that practicing is a proven learning method when it comes to new languages. They also offer users the opportunity to interact with their community of native speakers in order to further polish their skills.

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Andrea Bell
Andrea Bell
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