24Kupi: A Smartwatch You’ve Not yet Heard About


As a tech enthusiast, smartwatches have always interested me, as they’re an elegant blend of multiple gadgets and fit comfortably around your wrist. The product that I chose to buy, the 24Kupi smartwatch, intrigued me because of its elegant design and multiple features that seemed really useful. The price seemed fair enough, the website and company reliable so I thought ‘what the hell’ and ordered one. It arrived safely packaged and undamaged in 3 days. I opened the box, put it on my wrist, and started exploring its features.

Who Made It?

The company that made the watch is called PLUS 385 ltd., and has its headquarters in Croatia, Europe. The company focuses on internet sales, shipping its products worldwide per request from Asia. The company ensures quality, a yearlong warranty, fast shipping and secure payment of their products.  They are a relatively young company, still trying to put their name on the map, but appear to be doing so with relative success. Their web page, 24Kupi.com, is their internet base, and a place to learn more about their products and the company itself.

A Rising Star

Their most popular product is the 24Kupi Pro Edition Watch, a kind of successor to their previous watch, both of which share numerous features. The “First Watch for easier studying” proved to be a huge success in the global market, so the company decided to make a new, more modern smartwatch. The smartwatch runs on the Android operating system, features a dual core processor, a 3.0 megapixel camera, 4GBs of space, touchscreen controls, GPS, as well as wireless and Bluetooth options.  The company is continuously working on upgrading the watch, and notifies its customers of any changes and improvements made.


Main Features

The watch has numerous features, similar to those of top smartwatches today. It features a 2G or 3G Internet connection (depending on the model and options in your country), which is great for tracking your social media sites, or just using the internet in general.  The watch also has an option to pick up incoming calls, a feature that some similar watches lack, and definitely a useful one. The before mentioned GPS can help you navigate during a car ride or jog, and the wireless and Bluetooth options enable you to control other, similar devices through your watch. What sets this watch apart from similar smartwatches is its “cheating” option. The watches main selling point is that it’s an ideal watch for students, as it enables you to store vast quantities of text, videos and audio snippets on its 4GB hard drive. To prevent getting caught, the makers installed a “panic button” which switches the screen from text back to the normal watch mode. Even if you’re not a student this is definitely an interesting feature, and can be used to store books for leisure reading, movies, or other material. The price of the watch is $210.

To Conclude: Reasons Why I Liked It

The features of the watch make it useful in day to day situations, and its design is cool looking and not over the top, as is the problem with a lot of other watches. I didn’t experience any freezing or blue screen incidents, a testament to the reliability of the Android operating system. The watch is really light, weighing only a mere 100 grams, so it didn’t feel like I’m holding a weight with one hand. I really liked the Multi-language support, as it supports text in the Latin, Arabic and Cyrillic alphabet, which makes it suitable for worldwide use. The GPS is also reliable, but I’m not sure how dependent it is to the part of the world you’re located in. The watches main selling point, the “cheating” option, works as intended, and will surely help a lot of students struggling with their academic goals, although it isn’t of much use to me. That sales hook in particular however is somewhat disputable.

All in all I’m happy with the purchase I made, and I think the 24Kupi smartwatch has a bright future ahead of it, and could soon stand head to head with some of the most popular smartwatches and gadgets today.

About the Author

This article was written by Goky Brkic, a technology fan and gadget addict. My other passion is travelling and wandering the world. You can find me writing as a contributor to different sites.

YouTube: 24Kupi Pro Watch

Photo credit: PLUS 385

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Guest Author
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