Yahoo Aviate App: New Android Launcher


Customizable home screens have always been important for mobile phone users because they allow them to modify it according to their needs.

Yahoo_LogoYahoo knows how crucial this function is for some users and recently launched a new Android home screen (launcher) application called Aviate that tracks your current location at all times and shows important information that is related to your location and time of the day.

After a brief discussion on Twitter we were eager to try Aviate out and it turns out that it is a really sleek solution and a serious competition for stock launchers and custom launchers on Android alike. We were braced for Marissa Mayer bringing in some mobile apps this year but this is a refreshing approach.

The main purpose of the Aviate application is to provide intelligent information each and every day that can helps a person better organize time, applications and so on. Aviate basically learns from your behavior in the online and offline world.

What makes this particular application very special is surely the fact that it provides you with information that is relevant to that particular time of the day. You will be able to see the weather and important meetings early in the morning and, when you are at work, it can show you your meetings, schedules and other relevant info. It also helps you send mails quickly and create or modify certain events according to your liking.


Another relevant function is surely the simplification of the Android phone characteristics. Aviate brings numerous shortcuts that enhance the phone talking experience. For example, simply by swiping up you will be able to find those 8 contacts with which you talk very often. On top of that, if you swipe right you can find all apps categorized with ease, so you can access them a lot faster and without any effort. The most important categories you can find are Social, Music, News, Productivity and so on.

screen-final-real-photo-phone-smart-device-androidThe overall phone layout is very simple, as it places a lot of emphasis on a clean, impressive design that will surely appeal to all users. Aviate’s main purpose is to help your organize your day in an efficient manner, aided by a powerful companion that brings all the information you need right under your fingertips.

It’s more than a single app, it’s a mobile database that tracks your daily habits and places them on a record, it even gives you access to the weather functions, daily calendar and alarm clock from a single interface.

In conclusion, the main purpose behind Aviate is to bring consumers a powerful, intelligent homescreen that uses a clean layout to provide you with complete and unrestricted access to all the functions you need. Aviate’s way to organize the contacts and applications is very intuitive and, combined with the other intuitive features, it provides you with a complete, powerful package that can easily enhance your productivity and the way you manage your time. Used properly, Aviate will simplify a lot of tasks in your life, so it’s surely a recommended tool to install on your Android device.

Due to the structure of Apple iOS it is currently not clear whether or not there will be a Aviate iOS app for iPhones and iPads at all.  We will update you if we hear any news about that in the future.

Have you tried Aviate our yet? Feel free to download and try it out. It doesn’t cost anything and you can always change back to your normal environment in case you don’t enjoy it. Please post your comments below!

This article was a team effort, thanks to all who tested and contributed. Also thanks to the Yahoo Aviate team for showcasing their new solution to us.

Photo credit: Yahoo!

YouTube: Yahoo Aviate for Android

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Christopher Isak
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