After featuring Women in Tech and Women in IT we want to also introduce you to the Women in STEM, or how Anne Marie Imafidon calls them, the Stemettes. The acronym STEM means Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Therefore you could say that it could include both IT and Tech in general as far as their scope goes.

Women are fantastic problem solvers – and boy do we have a lot of problems.
– Anne Marie Imafidon

Naturally we support the education and empowerment of all genders but facing the numbers of how few Ladies are actually engaged in these fields, we also understand the necessity of amplifying the ratio of female specialists and entrepreneurs. We loved this video by Anne Marie Imafidon with so many great examples of what even the youngest women can achieve. We also strongly suggest you to follow her on Twitter along with the accounts @Stemettes and @OutboxIncubator.

YouTube: Let’s save the world – with girl-led startups | Anne Marie Imafidon | TEDxBarcelonaED

Photo credit: TEDx Barcelona