What Makes Magic Leap Different in the AR Industry?


Augmented and virtual reality are certainly some of the hottest things right now on the technology market. It’s really hard to figure out how it works especially since no particular product that offers access to such tech has reached the consumer market, but there are some great technologies along the way and Magic Leap, HoloLens as well as Google Glass 2 seem to be some neat examples.

The startup named Magic Leap is designed in order to create augmented reality applications for a variety of industries. They are basically overlaying digital graphics on the real world with the use of a headset.

As you can expect, the tech is kept a secret for the time being and many people are working tirelessly on it in order to make this tech a reality. The tech on its own uses a photonic lightfield chip that helps project the virtual images directly on the user retina, via a process named digital light field signal.

It’s a little hard to figure out how light is beamed via the device, how it appears on the eyes of the wearer and how our brains will interact with the technology, but that’s what Magic Leap is currently working on and it seems to generate quite a lot of buzz in the world for good reason.

If you are wondering how the Magic Leap device will look like, your guess is as good as ours. Basically, no one really knows the design and we don’t even know how it will be controlled. There’s no news if it will require voice control, buttons, controllers or anything else. Google did invest $500m in Magic Leap so when we see this device we might be able to figure out what they plant to do with the next Glass functions.

There are quite a lot of apps ready to use used with Magic Leap and it all comes down to what industries will be interested in it. The entertainment industry is a certainty, but other industries might be interested as well. We can see the Magic Leap device as being a good winner in the business world as well. It all comes down to the reception in the end, if the device will be successful I can see many apps being developed in the future.

The capabilities are endless for Magic Leap as long as it hits the right market. For the time being, the most important thing that they have to focus on is to be the first device on the market to offer such capabilities. Delivering it faster than the others will indeed be the massive sales point, hopefully that can indeed become a reality!

YouTube: Star Wars Demo with R2-D2 and C-3PO – Magic Leap x Lucasfilm

Photo credit: Magic Leap

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