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Turning Bananas into a Music Instrument [Video]

Today we want to show you that bananas are not only healthy but also very entertaining fruits. In this video Jie Qi, from the MIT Media Lab, shows you how to set up the Makey Makey device in order to create a banana piano music instrument. This is however much more than just toying around with food. It’s breaking the borders of what you can do, what you can create and make. There are not as many restrictions in technology, invention and creation as you might think.

Thanks to Jie Qi and also thanks a lot to Christine McLaren for arranging the interview and sharing her video on YouTube and to BMW Guggenheim Lab for hosting the event. If you like this kind of geeky tinkering, you should also check out the homepage of Jie at http://technolojie.com/ (cool domain, eh?).

YouTube: Makey Makey Banana Piano at the BMW Guggenheim Lab Maker Marathon

Photo credit: Christine McLaren / Jie Qi

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