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When There’s a Traffic Jam in China [Video]

When vacation time in Beijing is over many people want to get back home. Adults are going back to work and children need to join their classes in school again. But wait what is that? A crazy living mosaic art installation? Hyper-realistic pixel art? No – that’s how a traffic jam looks like when 30 lanes are reduced to 10 and people have to get through a major bottleneck before they can get home. This is bound to take a while so why not get out of the car and have a walk?

Some years back this took several days to clear up again. You better plan an extra week in your leave calendar to actually make it home through the traffic even after the vacation is over. This is a good example how this world screams ‘smart cities‘ and maybe even automated cars? In best cases both are powered by green and sustainable energies and not pollute the planet more. Here’s the stunning yet terrifying video by Sploid.

YouTube: Yep, China has the most insane traffic jams in the planet

Photo credit: Sploid

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