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The technological advancements we are witnessing are at an all-time rapid high. Each day a new technological advancement fully transforms different aspects of our lives. Also, we get to see different applications that either enhance our lives or pose a threat to the future.

Technology is shifting the dynamics of modern-day defense technology. Soldiers in battalions are rapidly being replaced with drones. We are witnessing common societal challenges, such as the food crisis tackled by introducing genetically modified foods to drought-stricken areas. However, there are ethical considerations still under debate.

This article explores some exciting topics about technology for your paper. Do you need more research topic ideas? Before you turn to a Payforessay service, examine our checklist for inspiration on your next task.

Our tips from experts

The first step in honing your research paper crafting skills is carrying out in-depth research. Follow our basic guidelines on how to formulate your topic with ease:

Understanding the task at hand

The first step in writing a high-quality and composed research paper is understanding your instructor’s instructions. Go through your assignment sheet and check for the paper’s submission requirements. Some important information to remember includes:

  • What type of research paper is it?
  • What are the length requirements?
  • What are the formatting guidelines?
  • What’s the writing style?

Finding answers to these questions means taking advantage of important grades due to negligence or forgetfulness.

Find your preferred topic

The next step is finding your preferred topic for your task. Find below some intriguing topics related to the technology field for inspiration. These topics are dimensional and explore various aspects of the technology world. Choose a topic that explores a different perspective from the consensus.

Research the topic

After finding your preferred topic from our collection, it’s time to conduct in-depth research. Some recommended places to find your research tools include your school library or Google Scholar.

Choose research question

A thorough research explores a specific question in a particular field and uses research to find solutions or derive credible arguments. Ensure to fully exhaust major keywords in your research paper for a solid foundation.

Use keywords for research

The main keywords in your research should guide you in finding the proper sources to use during your writing process. Search engines work best with keyword commands to find authoritative sources for your paper.

Popular topics about technology

Here is a breakdown of compelling and insightful topics about technology for your paper:

  • Should biotech farms focus on producing organic food rather than GMOs?
  • Are there long-term effects of continued exposure to the technological world?
  • How is social media accelerating cases of cyberbullying and mental health?
  • Does artificial intelligence pose a threat to the job security of teachers?
  • Is it right for governments to control their citizens’ Internet rights?
  • Is the use of artificial intelligence for writing considered cheating?
  • Do digital tools make us less sensitive to work?
  • Could we survive an apocalypse with our continued dependence on technology?

Health technology

  • Effect of telemedicine in the healthcare industry and its application
  • Introduction of augmented reality and virtual reality in Medicine
  • Efficacy of robot-assisted surgery and its potential outcomes to medicine field
  • Improving the organizational capacity of healthcare systems through electronic health records
  • Is 3D printing in healthcare applicable?
  • The ethical practice of AI in the healthcare industry
  • How to protect hospitals from cybersecurity
  • Increase in automation of healthcare tasks
  • Efficacy of mirroring and imaging technology for treatment

Defense technology

  • World’s response to biosecurity and bioterrorism
  • Introduction of drones as weapon systems in today’s warfare
  • The face of cyber warfare and its implication on national security
  • Potential application of nanotechnology in military sessions
  • Military training inclusive of virtual reality and augmented reality
  • Use of artificial intelligence in military operations
  • Role of social media in efforts against terrorism and the spread of false information
  • Does increased military technology make us feel safer?
  • Are nanorobot drones the future of warfare?


  • Importance of media ethics in today’s Internet space
  • Role of social media platforms in handling the spread of false or harmful information
  • Manipulation of social media algorithms and data mining
  • The rise of digital journalism and the future of news reporting
  • The importance of digital literacy and digital education


Given the wider scope and range of topics, finding an essay topic related to the technological field takes a lot of work. Moreover, finding the best topic means an easy time when writing your research paper. Moreover, it heavily influences the end outcomes during the final submission of your paper to your instructor.

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