Tech and Legal Changes: Things about Gambling Online That Are Good to Know


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Online gambling and online casinos have been around for decades now and over the years it has significantly evolved in every aspect from technology to culture to changing laws. It has grown from a niche hobby into a multi-billion-dollar industry. In recent times, online gambling has been impacted by technological advancements that have made virtual casinos more accessible and by changes in social attitudes towards such activities. Additionally, the manner in which the online gambling industry operates has been greatly influenced by modifications in laws across different regions of the world. In this discussion, we will explore some of the recent developments that have occurred in online gambling.

Tech making an impact on players and operators

The advancement of technology has greatly impacted online gambling. Smartphones and tablets have allowed gambling fans to easily access casino games through optimized websites and mobile apps. Additionally, online casinos are utilizing AI technology to increase revenue from players. This has made it convenient for players to gamble anytime and from anywhere. Furthermore, AI technology allows operators to personalize game offerings based on individual player’s preferences as well as detect potential risks based on behavior patterns which helps protect vulnerable users from falling prey to addiction or financial ruin due to irresponsible gaming practices

Advancements in technology have brought about significant changes in the online gambling industry. Have you ever tried a VR or MR device before? That could be fun too. With the use of virtual and augmented reality, online casinos are now able to provide players with highly immersive gaming experiences that replicate the atmosphere of real-life casinos. This advanced technology has made it possible for online casinos to offer players more authentic and engaging gaming experiences.

Most popular casino gaming apps worldwide in April 2023, by revenue
Most popular casino gaming apps worldwide in April 2023, by revenue (Image: Statista)

And let’s be honest, we do spend a lot of time on our smartphones as well and mobile apps have allowed players to access online casinos easily and conveniently. They can access their preferred games anytime and anywhere using their smartphones and tablets. Online casino websites have been improved to be compatible with any device, eliminating the need for individuals to use a desktop computer or laptop if they don’t feel like using those. This means that people with different devices and browser preferences can now enjoy playing at online casinos without any difficulties.

Culture is often underestimated

We do what society tells us to do and beyond that we have inhibitions. If nobody did gambling or betting only, chances are that you’d perhaps not trust that adventure to turn out okay. But things are changing and just like the smartphone is a socially accepted peripheral device nowadays, using apps for playing casino games or doing something similar is also not rare anymore. The way people view online gambling has changed due to changes in culture. While it used to be considered a bad thing, now it’s more widely accepted. Social media has made it even easier to talk about and share gambling experiences. Additionally, more people are now getting into esports betting, which has become an official sport in some countries.

Market share of leading social casino publishers worldwide in 2020
Market share of leading social casino publishers worldwide in 2020 (Image: Statista)

People are in for the money. Apart from cultural aspects, it’s important to consider the financial benefits that come with online gambling. Many people engage in online gambling not just for fun, but to earn money too. As online gambling becomes increasingly popular worldwide, several countries have created a safe and enjoyable platform for players. Different online casinos from different countries offer different payout rates, with some having higher payouts than others. It goes without saying that you should stick to the rules but looking out for the best return possible is fair and legit in itself.

Where to start looking?

So where is a good place to start looking? Of course, you should first check your local laws and your eligibility to use apps and websites from other countries but in many cases, this is an interesting option. For instance, UK’s Gambling Commission oversees online gambling to ensure fairness and transparency in their respective territory. People who play in online casinos that are registered in the United Kingdom can enjoy high payouts of over 98% at some casinos there. On the other side of the world, Canada’s Canadian Gaming Commission controls all legal online gambling, which is becoming more popular.

Something to pay attention to: In New Zealand, there are some of the highest-paying online casinos and if you’re eligible to play, this might be a good way to start looking for the right platform. Only a few years ago, back in 2019, various countries implemented new regulations to oversee the gambling industry and protect players from unethical behavior. These regulations may vary per country, but they primarily focus on policies for responsible gaming, customer verification, and taxation – that makes sense as well.

How do they do with laws and regulations?

Where the money moves, regulators watch what’s happening. Online gambling has been affected by various changes in laws worldwide. Some countries have legalized it, while others have completely banned it. In 2018, the repeal of the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) in the United States allowed states to make sports betting legal. In the EU, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) implemented more stringent rules on how online casinos collect and handle personal data in Europe, or at least in countries that belong to the EU. Germany, for example, has a local law against online casinos but it was in conflict with the EU, so eventually, it was changed and appears to be legal there now as well.

One of the notable legal transformations in different countries is the adoption of Bitcoin and other digital currencies as payment methods. Authorities have implemented guidelines to oversee the use of cryptocurrencies in online betting. In 2020, the UK Gambling Commission prohibited the utilization of credit cards in online gambling to safeguard individuals from incurring debts. Yet, in some regions, the use of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies was outlawed which didn’t make things easier in these markets. Singapore is only one example of this, working on stronger regulation of crypto and similar currencies.


Things are likely to change even more going forward. Trends like AI-generated media might be the next new thing to hit the floors of virtual casinos. The use of AI, mobile technology, and cryptocurrencies will continue to shape the industry very likely, while changes in legislation and cultural perceptions will continue to shape people’s experiences of online gambling. The industry is facing many challenges, but it is also full of opportunities, and it is clear that online gambling is here to stay and yet, it’s a good thing that regulators are paying attention, and are protecting people from harm.

Photo credit: The feature image is symbolic and has been done by Vlad Teodor. The infographic in the body of the article has been done by Statista.

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